OpenAI Partners with Oracle and Microsoft to Boost AI Capacity on Azure

Key Insights:

  • OpenAI will utilize Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to expand its AI operations.
  • Oracle’s Gen2 AI infrastructure is now a key player in supporting large AI innovations.
  • OCI Supercluster scales up to 64k GPUs, enhancing AI model training and application.

OpenAI has announced a partnership with Microsoft and Oracle, integrating Microsoft Azure’s AI platform with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This collaboration aims to extend the capabilities of Azure, enabling OpenAI to scale its operations further and meet the growing demand for advanced AI technologies.

Expanding Capabilities through Strategic Partnerships

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the extension of Azure’s platform via OCI which will facilitate OpenAI’s continued expansion. “This collaboration with Microsoft and Oracle is crucial for scaling our operations and meeting the growing demand for advanced AI applications,” said Altman.

Oracle Chairman and CTO, Larry Ellison, emphasized the competitive edge this alliance brings to Oracle’s infrastructure offerings. “The demand for advanced AI infrastructure is soaring, and leaders in AI like OpenAI are choosing OCI for its unmatched efficiency and performance capabilities,” Ellison remarked. 

This partnership is set to position OCI as a frontrunner in the AI infrastructure domain, already hosting thousands of AI innovators and industry leaders who rely on its robust capabilities for AI workloads.

Technological Synergy Enhancing AI Innovations

OCI is recognized for its high-performance AI infrastructure, capable of supporting the training of large language models (LLMs) and other intensive AI tasks. With the ability to scale up to 64,000 NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs or GB200 Grace Blackwell Superchips, OCI Supercluster offers unparalleled processing power, facilitated by ultra-low-latency RDMA cluster networking and versatile HPC storage solutions.

This infrastructure not only supports OpenAI but also other AI-focused entities such as Adept, Modal, and NVIDIA, fostering a broad spectrum of AI advancements from generative AI to computer vision and natural language processing. The collaboration promises to enhance the capabilities of developers and enterprises to build and train AI models more efficiently and reliably across the globe.

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