ZKX Introduces Pro Trade on Starknet, Elevating Crypto Trading Experience

Key Insights:

  • Pro Trade by ZKX on Starknet caters to seasoned traders with customizable interfaces and diverse market options.
  • The platform introduces comprehensive order types and a high-performance API for enhanced trading strategies.
  • ZKX’s Pro Trade participants can earn exclusive rewards through the DeFi Spring Program, boosting engagement and investment opportunities.

ZKX, a decentralized perpetual futures exchange operating on Starknet, has recently launched Pro Trade. This new offering targets experienced traders with a suite of advanced features. This advanced trading platform promises gasless transactions and introduces a suite of features designed to elevate the trading experience. 

Significantly, Pro Trade distinguishes itself with customizable user interfaces. Traders now have the liberty to toggle between standard and advanced views, aligning with their proficiency levels and trading styles.

Moreover, the platform broadens its appeal by including a variety of markets. From February, traders can engage with ETH, SOL, BTC, and STRK, offering a rich palette for trading strategies. Additionally, the provision of comprehensive order types like Market and Limit orders further accommodates the nuanced needs of its users.

The introduction of a high-performance application programming interface (API) marks another leap forward. Designed for high-frequency trading, this feature ensures reliability and performance, which is critical for traders relying on speed and accuracy. Furthermore, Pro Trade enhances risk management through cross-margin mechanisms, allowing traders to leverage their entire portfolio for greater capital efficiency.

Reward opportunities on Pro Trade are equally compelling. The platform collaborates with the Starknet Foundation’s DeFi Spring Program to offer STRK tokens as incentives. Traders engaging with ZKX starting March 28 stand to earn rewards, with the DeFi committee allocating $40 million in STRK tokens over six to eight months.

Eduard Jubany Tur, the founder of ZKX, shared his enthusiasm for the platform’s potential to redefine DeFi trading standards. He stated,

With the launch of Pro Trade, we’re advancing towards our vision of establishing ZKX as the go-to DeFi solution. It’s an exciting period where our growth parallels the expansion of the Starknet ecosystem. Our mutual objective is to attract and onboard more users into DeFi.

This development follows closely on the heels of the Starknet Foundation’s announcement regarding its STRK token distribution strategy. It underscores ZKX’s commitment to enriching the trading landscape and highlights its broader vision. This includes forthcoming attractions such as Airdrop 2, staking initiatives, the listing of the ZKX token, and the introduction of social trading, pools, and the ZKX Appchain Block scanner.

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