ZIL price prediction

Blockchain has been a trending technology right from 2009 after crypto implementation. Since then layer one cryptocurrencies have been known for scalability issues including Bitcoin blockchain.

This has made several blockchain developers to start increasing the nodes of their chain to have better scalability.

Zilliqa(ZIL) happen to be a layer two blockchain with the aim of solving blockchain scalability problems.

Although, no matter how promising the utility of a coin could be, the success might not show immediately in the coin’s price.

That’s why we have to look for predictions from site with better fundamental and technical analysis.

If you want to know more about Zilliqa and it’s price prediction, you are in the right place and at the right time.

This article will discuss more about ZIL with it’s price prediction from 2022 to 2025.

What is Zilliqa(ZIL)

ZIL price prediction
ZIL price prediction

ZIL is an open source second layer blockchain offering decentralized offerings with the aim of given high transaction throughput.

Zilliqa, founded by Prateek Saxena, is a 2nd layer blockchain offering high transaction speed per second and solving scalability issues.

With ZIL decentralized applications (DAPPS) can be created easily and safely, and staking, yield farming are also possible.

ZIL poses to be the first sharding-based blockchain, to be discussed below.

Tokenomics of Zilliqa (ZIL)

The market statistics of ZIL, Zilliqa native token, is shown below, coinmarketcap revealed.

  • ZIL current price: $0.033.
  • Market capitalization: $426,895,047.
  • Fully diluted market capitalization: $692,986,513.
  • 24 hours volume: $150,046,453.
  • Circulation supply: 12.94B ZIL.
  • Maximum supply: 21BZIL.

Why is ZIL unique?

The inherent issue of layer one blockchain is scalability and chain transaction delays. This is one of the uniqueness of ZIL and will be discussed below.

  • Solving scalability issues: ZIL is on the fore front of solving blockchain scalability issues by being the first sharding-based blockcahin. Sharding is done to spread the horizontal processing powers of a blockchain, instead of adding it to one chain only.
  • Increase in transaction speed: Sharding also saves computation energy by having a lot of sub chains(sharding chains) that helps save blockchain energy. This helps to increase transaction speed unlike other blockchains.

ZIL price prediction

Price predictions are made possible with careful fundamental and technical analysis. ZIL price prediction will be grouped into 3 parts; 2022, 2023 and 2025.

ZIL price prediction 2022

ZIL 1day chart - Trading view
ZIL 1day chart – Trading view

The tokenomics of ZIL is quite interesting and mind blowing.

Fundamentally, ZIL has a good market capitalization, which is somewhat responsible for the low price of ZIL. And it is also an advantage for investors to come into ZIL. This makes ZIL early for holders to come in. The circulation supply is also much and will result in little by little price increment.

The governance and seriousness of ZIL developers is a turn-on, and their ambition is also a nice one.

Technically, ZIL has been experiencing a choppy market which has gotten to an old time support, looking for momentum that will likely come from Bitcoin price retracement.

ZIL is currently at an accumulation zone where investors are likely to push the market high after the DIP.

Since Bitcoin dominance is still high, ZIL bounce back is currently dependent on the retracement of Bitcoin.

Finally, ZIL is predicted to hit a price of $0.2 with an average price of $0.1 before the end of 2022.

ZIL price prediction 2023

2023 is a bullish year and has shown confluence with the current market setup of ZIL.

ZIL market capitalization is increasing gradually and will hit 1B market capitalization soon, given rise to price increment of ZIL.

BY 2023, ZIL is predicted to hit a price of $0.4 with an average price of $0.2.

This is so possible with fundamental and technical analysis.

ZIL price prediction 2025

ZIL 1day chart - Trading view
ZIL 1day chart – Trading view

With the increase in market capitalization and Bitcoin adoption. ZIL will break old ATH to have new ATH by 2025.

This is also confirmed with technical analysis shown above, as ZIL will break old selling impulses with new buying impulses.

Finally, by 2025, ZIL is predicted to hit a price of $2 with an average price of $1.

Mind you, the huge circulation supply of ZIL is responsible for the gradual price growth of ZIL. So, ZIL might not have huge buying impulse, just a gradual buy/sell impulses.

Should I buy ZIL?

One of the red flags of valued coins is their high current price, and people feel they are not affordable anymore to buy and hold. Unlike ZIL, it has an affordable price and can fetch good profit after the long run.

Buying ZIL is not a bad idea after the technical and fundamental analysis done here. You might be only faced with the following questions; Where to buy ZIL? Where is ZIL current buying zones?

Fortunately, we are going to discuss it below.

Where to buy ZIL?

ZIL buy Zones - Trading view
ZIL buy Zones – Trading view

Buying ZIL won’t be a bad idea, you just have to know where to buy, and the best buying zones for ZIL.

Looking at the current market setup of ZIL, ZIL has hit an old support, and will likely make a gradual buying impulse from there. Above are the buying zones for ZIL. The buying zones are marked out, and you can open long positions from anywhere there.


Crypto developers are not sleeping on the current blockchain issues. Just as coin developers are shifting from Proof of work consensus to Proof of stake consensus, so other blockchain developers are shifting to blockchain sharding. Blockchain sharding doesn’t leave proof of work, but it reduces the energy consumption in Proof of work blockchain consensus protocol.


The above article is for informational purposes and not a financial advice. You are advised to do your own research, and trade at your own risk.


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