GALA price prediction

Gaming has been an interesting hobby right from time. Everybody loves to game, whether in or off the blockchain.

Something huge enveloped the gaming industry, and since them gaming has taken a new positive turn.

Blockchain gaming is the new trend making rounds on and offline, with different lucrative offerings.

Our normal gaming life has become obsolete, and everyone will like to taste blockchain gaming.

Gala games has taken blockchain to another level by offering gamers control over what they play and how they play.

GALA is a cryptocurrency and no matter how useful it is, knowing the price prediction of GALA will be profitable or of guidance.

In this article, we are going to discuss about GALA with it’s price predictions from 2022 to 2025.

What is GALA

GALA price prediction
GALA price prediction

GALA is a gaming crypto project built on the Ethereum blockchain, to over decentralization in gaming.

GALA, founded by founded by Eric Schiermeyer, aims to take blockchain gaming to another level by creating extra ordinary games that everybody would want to play.

This project thinks outside the box, by introducing decentralization into gaming. With this, the depression caused by buying gaming items and losing them anytime will be curbed by GALA.

That’s why GALA is creating a mechanism where gamers have full control over their games and gaming assets and can still participate in gaming governance, unlike other games.

GALA also makes use of NFT’s for governance and few games, while their native token, GALA, can be used in the platform too.

Tokenomics of GALA

Reports gotten from coinmarketcap revealed the price statistics of GALA as shown below;

  • GALA current price: $0.05472.
  • Market capitalization: $381,819,145, so many opportunities.
  • Fully diluted market capitalization: $1,896,226,466.
  • Circulation supply: 6.98B GALA.
  • Total supply: 35,240,112,493GALA.
  • 24 hours volume: $176,125,564.

Why is GALA unique?

The uniqueness of GALA is beyond the fact that it is a blockchain gaming platform. The following are few unique offerings of GALA;

  • Gaming Governance: There is that joy we get when our voices are heard and valued in what we love doing most.  GALA makes that possible for gamers. You can make use of NFT’s to participate in GALA governance. Support with ideas of games to be funded by GALA and so on.
  • Multi gaming: GALA doesn’t just run one type of game but different blockchain games. With this, there is no dull moment in GALA ecosystem. GALA current game Town star is already making rounds and again massive attraction from gamers.

GALA price prediction

The tech value of GALA is interesting but we need to understand the lucrative aspect of GALA. Price predictions are guidance before investing on a coin. We are going to group the price prediction of GALA into groups; 2022, 2023 and 2025.

GALA price prediction 2022

Gala 1day chart- Trading view
Gala 1day chart- Trading view

Fundamentally, GALA is bullish from market capitalization and developers governance. The market capitalization is a sweet market cap, as it presents the early stage for investors to go in. Blockchain gaming is also rising faster each day to sum up the fundamental activities.

Although, GALA’s circulation supply is much, as a gaming token, which presents little and slow price increments in future unlike AXS with a lower supply.

Technically, Gala has been on a downtrend that is about to end in a short while from the 1day chart above. This downtrend has reached a long time support that is weighing as good support for GALA.

Finally, GALA is predicted to hit a price of $0.4 and an average price of $0.25 before the end of 2022.

GALA price prediction 2023

Having recovered a little from the long downtrend, GALA will make a little and consistent price increase.

The downtrend will obviously end by 2023, to start a new uptrend.

GALA is predicted to hit $0.8 with an average price of $0.5 by 2023.

GALA price prediction 2025

Gala 1day chart- Trading view
Gala 1day chart- Trading view

2025 will be a balanced year for both Bitcoin and ALT coins. Technology never goes downtrend but always in an uptrend. This will be a good news for blockchain gaming platforms. Also, the market capitalization of GALA will be above a billion by 2025 which presents a fundamental bullishness for GALA.

GALA is however predicted to hit $2 with an average price of $1.2 by 2025.

Should I buy GALA?

After viewing the fundamental and technical analysis done in this article, you might be faced with this question.

Buying GALA is not a bad idea, especially in it’s current low price and it’s low market capitalization. You will only be faced with the problem of where to buy or the buying zones to open long positions on GALA.

If you are faced with that question, then you are lucky as we would discuss that below.

Where to buy GALA

Gala buy zones- Trading view
Gala buy zones- Trading view

Where to buy is as important as what to buy, and why to buy. Buying in error never ends well in the crypto space, so it’s advisable you pick a good buying zone from good technical analysis.

Looking at the chart above, GALA is on a support with a good buying and selling accumulation. The marked areas are a good buying point for GALA and will save you losses.


Price predictions are not always correct but are always a guidance before personal judgments. GALA is fundamentally backed by good developer guidance and utility. This article is informative and provides technical and fundamental analysis to backup predictions. It also provides a follow up action still backed by analysis. If you love GALA games, then buying is not a bad idea.


Cryptocurrencies are always volatile with some level of risk attached to them. You are advised to do your own research(DYOR), as this article is only for informational purposes and not a financial advice.


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