How to Get Your Project Listed on Binance (Dos and Don’ts)

Coin listing is one of the most anticipated news in the crypto space.

And that is because it gives value to a crypto project and increases the holder’s motivations.

Apart from the holders, coin listing news also solidifies the future of a crypto gem.

As important as this activity is, many projects fail to gain listing positions in top exchanges.

Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, is one of the most dreaded crypto exchanges for project listing.

And that is why every project owner or coin holder anticipates a Binance listing.

In short, a crypto project is not valued or recognized without a Binance listing.

However, many projects fail to pass this listing stage even when the project owners understand the consequences.

With this, we are to discuss the mistakes project owners make that disqualify their projects from being listed on Binance.

Binance is always willing to accept crypto projects driven by genuine user interest.

What are these Binance listing criteria to be passed by a crypto project before gaining a listing?

This article will answer all questions concerning Binance listing.

Now, let’s run along.

What is Binance Listing?

Binance Listing
Binance Listing

Binance listing is the official admission of a cryptocurrency to the Binance trading platform.

Binance listing is significant in any crypto project as it positively affects the project’s growth and development.

The listing also induces liquidity by allowing holders or investors to realize the value of their investments.

How to merit Binance Listing?

Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao
Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao

The steps to follow to merit a Binance listing are not as complicated as people think.

So many real projects having good use cases have failed to merit Binance listing.

So, even if you have a solid project and fail to abide by Binance listing rules, you won’t gain a Binance list, thus forfeiting the benefits.

How to get your project Listed on Binance

The following are the Dos and Don’ts when it comes to Binance listing merit:

Have a High number of Users(Holders)

The first thing you need to do is to make your project valuable, thus attracting the genuine interest of investors or holders.

A high number of users is essential because it often reveals the utility of a coin.

According to Binance CZ, If a coin or a project has a large number of users, it has value.

Every platform needs many users to bring the required liquidity to the listing exchange.

No listing Rumours

“No listing Rumors” is an easy criterion but is often breached by project owners.

According to CZ, Binance forbids coin creators from promising users Binance listing.

And it is because, Binance listing is confidential until it happens, so coin creators that intend to get a listing space on Binance are not supposed to do the following;

  • Project Binance listing to your audience.
  • Announce a Listing position before listing on Binance

According to CZ;

For any project applied, we ask for a one-way NDA, so the project cannot disclose any information to anybody else. If they do, then they have violated that contract, and we usually either delay the listing process very often, indefinitely. We may also cancel their listing.

Sequel to the above statement, it is perceived that any project that says it will list on Binance will not list on Binance.

Never shill Binance listing for your project

Another mistake made by project owners is the shilling of Binance listing for their projects.

Some people do this to gain massive coin holders, while some do it subconsciously.

Each and every way, Binance forbids it.

Shilling is the implicit advertisement of a project for promotion purposes.

Thus, shilling your project listing before it is listed will force people to venture into the project, making your audience fake and unauthentic. 

Don’t Pressurize Binance

It is funny that project owners spam Binance social handles with Listing messages or memes.

Some go to the extent of saying weird things to Binance as a pressurizing strategy.

According to Binance CZ, the firm forbids pressure from project owners, especially when people start saying bad things as a pressurizing tool for listing.

He also added that projects that step over these boundaries are often blacklisted.

What to do?



Keep Building

The listing position can be delayed but cannot be denied if you follow the criteria.

To get a Binance listing, you have to be serious about your project more than getting a listing position.

Project owners who get listed on Binance are more project minded than listing-minded.

Your project must have and maintain value to win the genuine interest of investors or holders.

Try other options

You need to start from somewhere before getting the big crown.

There are other crypto exchanges that may give you a listing space, you can try them as you build tenaciously.

Sometimes, other listing successes might push Binance listing as far as you don’t breach Binance rules.

Also, if you can pass the requirements of other listing exchanges, you are slowly building your listing proficiency for Binance.


After Binance Listing what next?


Keep Building


You don’t need to relax and sit back after gaining a Binance listing position.

That’s when the main work starts.

You have to keep building and increasing the value of your project.

If your project fails along the line, it can be delisted from Binance.

Binance gives value to a value-based project, so continue building till whenever.



It is imperative to note that Binance wants a genuine number of users and not users who are compelled by project owners.

Nevertheless, the Binance listing is worth the puzzles, so try your best to get a listing space.


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