Bitcoin’s (BTC) Price up 5% – What to Expect from ‘Uptober’

Bitcoin Price up 5% – What to Expect from ‘Uptober’

October early saw Bitcoin basking strong with a 5% increase to above $28,000. But the main question is, “Can Bitcoin hold this uptober momentum?”

September was a month of mixed feelings for the world’s biggest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Bitcoin showed back and forward movements, making investors question its bullishness. However, October has given the Bulls a crown, but how long would this crown last on their heads?

From past Bitcoin price Cycles, October has a history of bullishness for digital assets. This was evident as Bitcoin already showed excitement from October 1st till date.

What to Expect from Uptober

Bitcoin's 3 hour Chart - TradingView
Bitcoin’s 3-hour Chart – TradingView

While crypto noobs expect a straight spike above $30k, experts expect a retracement even if the trend shows bullishness. Bitcoin would retrace before maintaining its bullishness for the months of October and September, while December has never been a good month for the asset class. The consolidation period of Bitcoin would be the time for Altcoins to taste a little bullish fever once more.

Average Monthly Performance of Bitcoin - X
Average Monthly Performance of Bitcoin – X

The above shows the average monthly performance of Bitcoin, just as experts anticipated this uptober fever for Bitcoin.


Bitcoin already caught the fever from ‘Uptober’ and the whole industry is feeling the bullish fever too.

Sure, there would be retracements (downward/upward movement in price during trending markets), but the whole sentiment is bullish at the moment.

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