Full Video: Bitboy Ben Armstrong Arrested And Released After 8 Hours In Georgia

Ex-BitBoy Ben Armstrong was arrested after a live-streamed altercation with his former business partner on X (formerly Twitter).

While live-streaming, Ben Armstrong fearlessly documented his visit to the residence of Carlos Diaz, a prominent non-fungible token investor and advisor known for his affiliations with the Hit Network.

In a tirade, Armstrong accused Diaz of intending “to harm him” and claimed he had ties to the Houston mafia.

Ben Armstrong

“Carlos, I’m not afraid of you,” he shouted

As the stream approached the 19-minute mark, local police arrived on the scene and asked Armstrong if he was carrying any weapons. Armstrong immediately responded that he was not.

Ben Armstrong Conversation With The Police

It is important to note that after a certain point, the feed stops for 17 minutes. However, it appears that during this time, Armstrong continued to have a conversation with the police officers, even after being told to put down his phone.

During the livestream, Armstrong mentioned that the person involved had been living in fear for a long time and that he had asked the police to come and help.

When the police arrived, they inquired about the individual accompanying him in the vehicle, and he confirmed it was Cassie Wolfe, his supposed lover, and co-founder of BitBoy Crypto. Nevertheless, he clarified that his wife was aware of his whereabouts and activities.

Ben Armstrong Arrest and release
Source: Kent blog


A man named “Benjamin Charles Armstrong” was detained for “loitering/prowling” and “simple assault by inducing fear in another”, with his bond set at $2,600, according to records on the website of the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Department.

Armstrong was traveling with one other person and had a firearm in the backseat of his car, according to a live-stream clip on X.

Diaz posted that Ben Armstrong arrived at his house, on September 26.

Ben Armstrong Released After 8 Hours

After news of his arrest went public, Armstrong tweeted that he was out, and seemed ‘loitering’ and ‘inducing fear’ wasn’t enough to keep him imprisoned.

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