10 Top Crypto to Hold For 2024 Bull Run

It’s two (2) days to 2024, and I almost forgot to reveal the 10 Top Crypto to Hold For 2024 Bull Run.

My bad! Anyway, let’s move along.

We already know that the Bitcoin spot ETF approval would trigger or may have triggered the next crypto BULL run.

To make do with this opportunity, you must position yourself early and bag some crypto.

Here are my 10 Top Crypto to Hold For the 2024 Bull Run.

10 Top Crypto to Hold For 2024 Bull Run

Note: This is based on fundamental and technical analysis, which might not be displayed here. You are therefore advised to do your research!

  • SOL (SOLANA): Current price @$106
  • FTT (FTX TOKEN): $3
  • USTC (TERRA CLASSIC USD): $0.03218
  • KCS (KUCOIN TOKEN): $10.4
  • OP (OPTIMISM): $3.84
  • MEME(MEMECOIN): $0.02833
  • LBR (LYBRA FINANCE): $1.13
  • RNDR(RENDER) :$4.68

There are many more to hold, but these can help you grow your funds to get the bigger cryptocurrencies like $BNB, $ETH, and more…….

You can screenshot and check a few months later!

Happy New Year in advance, and happy holding!

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