ZEN price prediction

Blockchain remains the underlying term of cryptocurrencies.

Still talking about blockchain interoperability, Horizen(ZEN), is another platform striving to advance blockchain interoperability.

The use case of blockchain in the crypto space is enhanced and complete when there is a medium for blockchain interoperability.

With this, the crypto space is limitless and able to stand the test of times.

No matter how good a project is, the project token shouldn’t be limited to its blockchain. There should be a medium where a token can move to another blockchain and enjoy other blockchain offerings, without being built on the other blockchains.

That’s what Horizen(ZEN) has install for the crypto world.

In this article, we are going to discuss about Horizen(ZEN) with it’s price predictions from 2022 to 2025.

What is Horizen(ZEN)

ZEN price prediction
ZEN price prediction

Horizen is a Zero-knowledge (Permissionless) enabled network of blockchains powered by the most robust and secure public infrastructure, Horizen revealed.

Horizen, Co-founded by Rob Viglione and Rolf Versluis, makes use of the Zendoo protocol to offer blockchain interoperability.

Horizen blockchain uses a secured node to offer high level of privacy, security, and consensus. This makes Horizen network more scalable than layer 1 blockchains.

When it comes to how transactions are verified and secured, ZEN’s Cryptographic verification of networked chains offers massive scale to secure high blockchain throughput, coinmarketcap revealed.

Just like other platforms have their own tokens, ZEN is the native token of Horizen and it is a Proof Of Work(POW) token.

This means that ZEN can be mined by solving mathematical problems in the blockchain nodes, just like Bitcoin.

Finally, the distributed and decentralized nature of the Horizen protocol improves it’s scalability, reliability, security and speed.

Tokenomics of ZEN

The tokenomics of a crypto currency is not far from it’s price statistics.

Reports gotten from coinmarketcap, reveal the price statistics of ZEN as shown below;

  • ZEN current price: $15.59.
  • Market capitalization: $195,393,674.
  • Fully diluted market capitalization: $327,435,743.
  • Circulation supply: 12,531,518.75 ZEN.
  • Maximum supply: 21,000,000.
  • 24 hours trading volume: $15,769,535.

Why is ZEN unique?

The uniqueness of ZEN is not far from its zero-knowledge blockchain protocol. Some other unique properties of ZEN are discussed below;

  • Massive scalability offereing: The scalability issues of other pow blockchains was curbed in the Horizen blockchain. Horizen blockchain consists of a massive scalability and it is evidenced from it’s zero-knowledge-based blockchain technology.
  • Sidechain offerings: Horizen blockchain also allows a sidechain solution, enabling developers build their own scalable blockchain without compromising security, privacy, and decentralization.
  • High throughput: The transaction rate of Horizen blockchain is so fast and guarantees a high troughput. This is not far from the deployment of several sidechains to function with the main chain, without loop holes and security complications.
  • Powerful blockchain infrastructure: Normally, pow tokens and blockchain consensus systems, are known for high energy consumptions and low transaction throughput. But in the case of Horizen, Several transactions and operations can be done without compromising security. This makes developers to be able to operate about 1000 independent blockchains simultaneously while handling other transactions from sidechains without delay(TPS of 1,000 per chain), coinmarketcap revealed.

NOTE: TPS means Transactions Per Second.

ZEN price prediction

ZEN is a promising crypto currency from tokenomics. With this, fundamental and technical analysis needs to be done to show confluence. Price prediction is not a final action or decision but a guidance to your trading decisions and actions. The price predictions of ZEN would be grouped into; 2022, 2023, and 2025.

ZEN price prediction 2022

ZEN 1day ranging chart- Trading view
ZEN 1day ranging chart- Trading view

ZEN is in a perfect position for lucky ones to trip in.

Fundamentally, ZEN has a sweet market capitalization, which is an early one for investors and long term holders.

ZEN clinched a very high price earlier and zoomed down because of the latest Bitcoin dip.

The high price is nothing far from market capitalization and a scarce circulation supply.

The circulation supply of ZEN is a fundamental factor of bullishness, and has been confirmed from formal All time high (ATH) of ZEN.

Technically, ZEN’s long time ranging trend has been made void by the latest DIP, changing the trend to be more complex. But from technical analysis, ZEN is currently at a good support, below an old time support.

This corresponds to FA and TA as ZEN is highly bullish at this point.

Finally, from technical and fundamental analysis, ZEN is predicted to hit a price of $50 with an average price of $30 before the end of 2022.

ZEN price prediction 2023

The bullish 2023 is also a good year for ALT coins. As Bitcoin’s dominance reduces, ALT coins tends to embrace massive bullish momentum. This shows how bullish ZEN is, from inside and outside the charts.

By 2023, ZEN’s market capitalization will be increased, adding with a scarce supply, ZEN’s price will be increased massively.

ZEN is predicted to hit a price of $80 with an average price of $50 by 2023.

ZEN price prediction 2025

ZEN 1day ranging chart- Trading view
ZEN 1day ranging chart- Trading view

From fundamental analysis, the transparency and seriousness of ZEN developers is top notch. Their currency governance is also valid, from decentralization offerings. This points to high attraction that is to be gained by ZEN from investors and blockchain developers.

And as investors trip in, the market capitalization of ZEN will hit above 1billion by 2025, which is another fundamental factor for price increment.

Technically, a new bullish trend will be placed after the bullish correction of the bearish impulse formed during the red days.

Finally, ZEN is predicted to hit a price of $300 with an average price of $150 by 2025.

Should I buy ZEN?

From the fundamental and technical analysis made above, ZEN is a promising coin.

Buying ZEN is not a bad idea, but it might not be affordable for weak hands.

Let’s imagine the investors who bought ZEN at the All Time Low(ATL) of $12.34, they all smiled when it hit the All time high(ATH) of $136.88.

The current price of ZEN ($15.59), as at the time of this article, is closed to the All Time Low(ATL) and it poses for another buying opportunity.

But how do you enter a buying position? What buy zones can you buy ZEN currently?

This is the question you will be faced with, if you decide to buy ZEN.

Fortunately, we are going to discuss this below.

Where to buy ZEN

ZEN Buy zones- Trading view
ZEN Buy zones- Trading view

After choosing to  buy ZEN, you need to understand the known buy zones from ZEN’s price chart, with careful technical analysis.

The marked out areas shown above, are the concrete buy zones for ZEN, and should guide your buying choices.


What ZEN has to offer is convoking, and gives value to the currency. In the crypto space, utility sustains a project not withstanding the network or community.


This article is for informational purposes and not a financial advice. You are to do your own research, and trade at your own risk.

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