Web 2 and Web 3 technology

As technology has continued its advancement, we are either ignorant of these two web phases. A lot of people must have heard about them but still they have little or no idea about it.

In this article, we are going to look at the whole web phases, starting from web 1 – web 3 just to acquaint our readers to know what’s coming and the unchanged shortcomings of all the known phases.

It was painful to find out that the intending web3 which has started already is still having same lapses as that of the web 2. We are going to look at the lapses as we scale through this article.

What is WEB 1.0

From the name Web 1, this was the first web network (internet) ever created. This web era existed from the late 1980s to early 2005.

Web 1.0 was the internet built on information viewing without interaction, there was nothing like user experience and user interaction. During this time, information was only consumed as the web pages were unchanging and brought directly from the server’s file-system.

At this time, incase of an information seen, you could only consume and  couldn’t “react” to posts with comments or likes.

The web era was undeveloped as developers were unskilled because CSS never existed then.

What is WEB 2.0

Web 2.0
Web 2.0

After every obvious lapses from the WEB 1.o, developers decided to create a better web system to cancel all known problems of the WEB 1.0.

Web 2.0 is the WEB we all use now, bringing users desire to actively interact with the internet unlike web 1.0.

Our internet became dynamic and not static by the help of  advanced technology example, the JavaScript, HTML and CSS. All these Programming languages solved the interactions problems of the formal web. Right now the web 2.0 is all about real time interaction.

Social media platforms, blogging platforms, google and podcasting are all built on the WEB 2 phase, making web 2 to thrive right from creation.

Finally web 2.0 created a space where anyone could access(freedom), create, build(value) and interact without anyone’s permission. But there were some lapses, which is that of PRIVACY.

What is WEB 3.0

Web 3.0

As technology continued evolving, developers and technologist saw the need of a new phase to also highly enhance interaction to a new level.  This phase requires artificial intelligence to do the work for a better web interaction.

For example, instead of searching for a keyword on google or any search platform, an Artificial intelligence will be used to understand the meaning of the required search.

This phase is a highly technical phase that gives artificial intelligence the ability to search, understand and also interpret data as humans.

WEB 3.0 pushes to enhance interaction and to preserve human information thus being more privacy concerned unlike web 2.0.

Web 3.0 promises us a decentralized web phase, given the notion that people’s data would be preserved as they access an open internet.

As we are picturing to see a WEB that people own their data and not lied to as we were lied to in the perils of web 2.0, a web were people’s data are not sold out even to Government(decentralized WEB)

The question is that, is WEB 3.0 keeping its promises?

WEB 3.0 hasn’t solved WEB 2,0’s lapses

Remember, web 2.0 was to also to solve PRIVACY of human data issues, but at a point in time users privacy was abandoned. We witnessed a shock as we heard from Cambridge Analytica whistle-blowers that almost every user data was being resold and misused. Even all big web2.0 social media companies were guilty of this, what a big shock.

We are already in the cryptocurrency ERA and it has given the real definition of web 3.0, where blockchains are created to keep users information safe and decentralized.

According to coin desk, the open interaction created by blockchains is also less private as blockchain discloses user data by default to anyone who looks at the blockchain.

This has made it easier to say that the web which promised us privacy as its peak is still making the same mistakes as the other web phases.

The most alarming part is that the web2.0 social media company who had the privacy lapses is also trying to fully venture into the multi-trillion dollar web 3.0 phase through the METAVERSE platform.

If at all we really want a completely private web network, we should focus on it and stop making the same mistakes over and over again. In this medium, the rich is getting richer and the poor is still being mislead and abused.

WEB 3.0 should solve the Dominant public-by-default model

This model simply means that users must give up control of their data by default, this has been seen already in the web2.0 stage and web3.0 phase might still have this lapses.

If the people who controlled and dominated the web2.0 phase are having larger interest in the web 3.0 phase through whatever medium. It means that the same mistakes will repeat itself again and again. Everybody has right to his or her data. Privacy is everyone’s right therefore this policy must be solved in or after web3.0.


Web 3.0 has its potential to solve privacy problems, but hands should be on deck to make sure that the information of users are being controlled by only them. That’s the so called reason behind a new phase (WEB 3.0).

Cryptocurrency has already created a well painted image of the intensions and reasons behind a decentralized internet or network. It is imperative that the goal of the web 3 should  actualize, yielding to lots of intense technology and hard work.

We however give awareness to readers, to know what they have been ignorant about and to join hands in the web3.0 revolution. Even if your data was held by a platform, how will you know what they use it for? some of us give consent to all terms and conditions and our data are sold and misused in expense of our ignorance and weak voices.

Not withstanding, web 3 remains a perfect predecessor of the web2 phase even if we have not confirmed its solution to the privacy issue lapses till now.