VR AR and MR in the metaverse

The metaverse has become a daily topic, as people are trying to grasp what it is all about. Remember how the formal facebook rebranded to META, calling it the next FRONTIER. Since then the metaverse has been trending and hasn’t backed down for a second. This has made the metaverse to be transitioning gradually into the mainstream.

The metaverse as previously defined is a virtual replica of the real world, made possible by high resolution technology. Although, the metaverse is very broad as the virtual representation of real things doesn’t depend on only VR, AR and MR. It also comprises of different factors like the web3, blockchain, and social media.

This has made the metaverse to suit almost all businesses and institutions, as we discussed how it could help the educational sector and the music sector.

People can still find jobs in the metaverse with concrete plan towards it, so they can be sort for in the metaverse. The metaverse can give room for jobs with and without work experiences.

As technology is the core system of the metaverse, we are placed to believe that the virtual replication of real images are made possible through some metaverse devices like VR, AR and the MR.

This article will thus explain the function of each of the realities, with their examples. It will also reveal the differences between them, as we have noticed how people mistake one for another.

VR AR and MR in the metaverse

Virtual reality(VR), augmented reality(AR), and Mixed reality are all utilized in the metaverse in full, with each offering vital role in the metaverse. We are going to look at them, one at a time.

Virtual reality(VR) in the metaverse

VR in the metaverse
VR in the metaverse

This is one of the most common virtual representation tool people understand and utilize mostly in gaming.

VR is a very complete virtual representation experience that keeps the real world aside with a very immersive virtual experience. With VR, a computerized 3D virtual environment is created by utilizing real sounds and images. The virtual reality is felt when you put on VR headsets, helmets, gloves, etc. Sometimes you can utilize the body detector which comes with sense detectors.

In operating mechanism, a computerized 3d environment replicates a real or imaginary world when you utilize the VR tools or devices mentioned above.

With VR, someone can go all the way out of the real world to be fully immersed in another world. The feelings felt in the other world is so real that the person feels nothing else in the real world.

This makes it advisable to utilize VR in a spaced room or environment, to avoid collision and accidents. Also, people who have cases of seizure or epilepsy should stay clear of VR.

The VR effect is felt mainly in games, where the VR device is worn as it takes you to another environment where you are to either fight or race. In that environment, you have no feelings of the real world anymore. You are totally consumed by an immersive virtual world. And you might feel that if you die in that world you might also die in the real world, smiles.

Apart from the usual gaming VR activities, some companies are already utilizing VR in their businesses.

  • Tommy Hilfiger: They allow customers to virtualize fashion shows in virtual world and as well make their choice of wears.
  • Toms Shoe company: After launching a virtual charity campaign where children are dashed a pair of shoe after successfully purchasing a pair of shoe. With this, travels are made and children are dashed shoes in charity bases, with other customers children able to see everything going on virtually, through the VR devices in the Company’s shop.
  • VR chat
  • Microsoft
  • Samsung
  • Magic Leap

Augmented Reality(AR) in the metaverse

AR in the metaverse
AR in the metaverse

This type of reality adds digital compliments(unreal elements) to the real world with digital sensory inputs. With the help of a phone camera, digital effects can be attached to the real world to give a desired effect.

The desired digital elements will be gotten through digital sensory input like sound, graphics, videos etc.

In operating mechanism, AR makes it possible for you to see the real world through your phone camera with multiple virtual effects displayed on the screen through smart glasses and edits.

This means that the AR technology doesn’t take the users space into consideration, as it can work on any space using the physical world as a foundation. As the VR takes the users space into consideration, the AR is opposite.

Some platforms already utilizing VR in their businesses or applications includes;

  1. Snapchat: The application allows users to use beautiful filters to complement their real images. This is augmented reality in play.
  2. ScienceSoft
  3. Niantic
  4. Pokemon Go: The game enable people to locate virtual object(pokemon character) by using their phones in the real world
  5. Apple
  6. Microsoft
  7. IKEA: This furniture company helps users to virtualize their furniture in their homes through their phones. It’s a great marketing strategy, and it will surely entice customers. With this, all furniture esthetics will be felt without excuses.
Pokémon Go
Pokémon Go

Mixed reality (MR) in the metaverse

MR in the metaverse
MR in the metaverse

This is easy to understand as it’s adds or merges the two previous reality technologies together. This reality is made by the combination of VR and AR.

In operating mechanism, the MR combines the physical world with the virtual world, to create a new environment where physical and virtual bodies can interact together. In this reality, the short comings of the formal realities are curbed.

As we said in our previous article, the metaverse can aid education by utilizing the mixed reality. The formal example still holds, as a teacher can use a real class with AR to teach the students, and have the practical in a virtual world(VR utilized). The combination of the two is what we call the mixed reality.

Mixed reality for metaverse education
Mixed reality for metaverse education


From Metanomics, it is obvious that there is a real opportunity in the metaverse. This has given rise to different personal, community, and institutional interest in the metaverse. It is advisable to get acquainted with the right metaverse knowledge to be able to fit in when the need arises.

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