All Celebrities in the Metaverse 2022

The metaverse, which is a virtual replica of the real world, has been gaining massive attention by the media lately after Facebook’s rebrand to Meta.

This virtual space is said to be immersive and hugely engaging, and its potential has been studied and revealed to be going mainstream soon.

The amazing thing about the metaverse is how engaging and lucrative it is, as a lot of jobs will be raised by the metaverse, and this leads to our previous article on ; metaverse jobs with no experience and metaverse jobs with experience.

As renowned investors and business owners have shown interest in the metaverse, so has great celebrities also, and the public is anxious about the celebrities in the metaverse.

The Celebrities in the metaverse

A lot of celebrities have studied the metaverse to see its full potential in the music sector, concerts, studios, etc.

Snoop dogg in the Metaverse

Renowned rapper and actor, Snoop dogg has invested in the metaverse, leading to his metaverse which he called SNOOPVERSE.

Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg

The Snoopverse will host music concerts, art exhibitions, shopping, and a virtual replica of the real world rapper’s imposing villa located, California. Accessing the Snoopverse requires ticket from SANDBOX, and the price of each ticket is $ 2,000 with 5000 tickets available.

The Snoopverse still have room for very important people(VIP), where 1000 exclusive tickets will be given to VIP members who will have exclusive events in the Snoopverse like, special virtual parties and Snoop’s live performance on their virtual space.

Paris Hilton in the Metaverse

American media person, Paris Hilton, has also invested in the metaverse by building her virtual Island(nicknamed to Paris World) in Roblox.

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton

Her metaverse will allow users tour the virtual replica of her Beverly Hills assets and drive luxury cars or board a yacht.

Still on celebrities in the metaverse,

Sara Sampaio in the Metaverse

Sara Sampaio, Portuguese supermodel made a whooping purchase of 25 Ethereum ($83,700 as at the time of this post) for an exclusive virtual Island on SANDBOX

Marco Verratti in the Metaverse

following Paris Saint German’s(PSG) Midfielder, Marco Verratti, who also purchased one of the exclusive virtual Island on SANDBOX.

Universal Music Group in the Metaverse

Meanwhile, something triggered the metaverse world as Universal Music Group partnering with Genies revealed their creation of NFT avatar featuring many renowned celebrities in the metaverse.

This update will make fans of celebrities able to buy and sell NFT products  of their virtual celebrities brand like, wears and shoes.

The NFT creation will bring out the virtual identities of the following celebrities; Justin Bieber, Rihanna, J Balvin, Shawn Mendes, etc.

Jay Z Roc Nation in the Metaverse

Jay Z, American rapper

Jay Z’s roc nation also zoomed into the metaverse through their SENZO investment of Sensorium Galaxy.

Sensorium Galazy is a metaverse platform that combines blockchain technology and virtual reality. Roc nation is an entertainment industry that was founded by the renowned artiste, Jay Z, in 2008.

The confirmation of the interest of Roc nation was made known by the purchase of Sensorium’s crypto tokens.

This made their intensions known to the public, as they prepare to enter the digital stream.

Swae Lee in the Metaverse

Swae Lee, an American rapper, has left the real world to join the metaverse. His metaverse movement was confirmed by his new metaverse leadership portfolio. He has become the CEO of Mafia Metaverse blockchain platform, called SYN city.

Sin city is a metaverse platform that has taking gaming to another level through blockchain technology.

Following his music portfolio, Swae Lee will be able to supervise the entertainment activities in the mafia themed metaverse.

Lil Baby in the Metaverse

Lil baby has joined the moving train to be involved with the metaverse, by joining the investment movement on a Series A funding round for a metaverse investment company. Nas and Gunna also joined in the series a funding, as they both contributed in the $60M series a funding for Everyrealm, a metaverse real estate firm.

Other celebrities who are into the metaverse includes;

  • Rihanna
  • Gunna
  • Lebron James and son
  • Rick Ross
  • Nipsey Hussle
  • Floyd Mayweather
  • Shaquille O’Neal


Why are celebrities in the metaverse?

The metaverse is the next internet with many opportunities and potentials.

One of the goals of the metaverse is to better and improve interaction. With this, entertainment is a top priority in the metaverse, and it welcomes celebrities from the music sector, fashion, and all entertainment sectors.

This is why celebrities are venturing into the metaverse. Profit making too is major in the metaverse, because the shows, concerts, live performances and studio jobs in the metaverse will not be free. So it will bring more funds to the celebrity in question.

Major tools for the metaverse

The metaverse is felt when we make use of certain devices. If you have visited a 3d gaming center before, you will understand the metaverse feeling. You notice that you wore something to be able to relocate to an immersive visual world.

The following are the metaverse devices;

  • Visual reality
  • Augmented reality
  • Mixed reality

Visual reality (VR):  This is a complete immersion reality technology, that gives the user a full immersive vitual experience. The images and environment seen in the virtual world is made so real by technology. Having a virtual reality is possible with virtual reality devices like the VR headsets, VR headstrap, VR tracker belt, VR facial cover fitness.

Augmented reality(AR): This type of reality technology, uses virtual effects in the real world to achieve a goal, with the real world as its base. AR is not fully immersive like the virtual reality. Its just like using your phone camera to virtualize the real world with an effect of a virtual space or being. Snapchat using AR technology, as someone can have several unreal effects added to his real image. Pokemon go, is another platform that uses AR technology.

Mixed reality(MR): From the name mixed reality, it tends to use technology to combine both effects of VR and AR to a unique space. Which means that you have a space where you carry out full virtual immersion and also augmented immersion.


The metaverse is going mainstream and everyone should picture themselves in the metaverse, with the goal of positioning their businesses with the anticipated metaverse trend.



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