SEC Delays Decision on Invesco and Galaxy Ethereum ETF Application

Key Insights:

  • May 23rd, a critical date for Ethereum ETFs, aligns with VanEck’s final deadline.
  • Political considerations may impede SEC Chairman Gensler from promptly approving a spot Ethereum ETF.
  • Financial giants project a significant surge in Ethereum’s value ahead of anticipated ETF approvals in May.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has once more postponed its decision on the spot Ethereum Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) application, as proposed jointly by Invesco and Galaxy Digital. This development emerged when Ethereum’s value rose, positioning it among the top performers within the cryptocurrency market over the past day.

SEC Delays Ethereum ETF Decision Again

Reacting to the SEC’s decision, Bloomberg’s ETF Analyst, James Seyffart, expressed his lack of surprise, asserting that additional delays are likely in the upcoming months. He emphasized that the pivotal date to monitor for spot Ethereum ETFs is May 23rd, coinciding with VanEck’s final deadline.

On the contrary, TD Cowen, an investment bank, advises a cautious stance regarding SEC approvals, suggesting that further authorization for spot Ethereum ETFs might take time. The bank’s analysis underscores a political consideration, indicating that SEC Chairman Gary Gensler could face challenges in greenlighting a spot in Ethereum ETF, given his tenure until June 2026.

Uncertainty shrouding Gensler’s stance on Ethereum’s potential classification as a security adds complexity to the situation. However, recent developments such as Ethereum being classified as a commodity by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and Ripple Lab Inc.’s legal victory with XRP may sway Gensler’s decision-making process.

Despite these delays, optimism pervades the financial sector regarding Ethereum’s prospective price surge. Major financial institutions anticipate a potential price spike of up to 70% in Ethereum as ETF applications are anticipated to gain approval in May. Standard Chartered Bank forecasts Ethereum prices to either match or surpass Bitcoin in the run-up to the expected approval date.

Global Interest in Ethereum ETFs

Meanwhile, interest in spot Ethereum ETFs is burgeoning beyond the US borders. Venture Smart Financial Holdings Ltd (VSFG), a Hong Kong-based financial services giant, plans to submit an application for a spot in Ethereum ETF in the first quarter of 2024. Additionally, Chinese asset management firm Harvest Fund eyes entry into the Hong Kong market with its spot Bitcoin ETF, indicating the growing acceptance of crypto investment products in the region.

Despite prevailing regulatory hurdles, the launch timeline for spot Ethereum ETFs remains uncertain. However, the mounting interest from institutional investors and financial institutions underscores a robust appetite for Ethereum-based investment products, potentially propelling further adoption and growth within the crypto market.

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