PI coin listing on Binance – How possible is this?

Coin listing is among the most significant news Coin holders anticipate in the crypto space.

A cryptocurrency has lesser value when it is not listed because listed coins have more liquidity than non-listed coins.

As coins launch daily, the listing continues to be a big problem to coin developers, especially in top exchanges.

PI coin X Binance
PI coin X Binance

However, for a coin to be listed on exchanges, there are some criteria to be met by the token in question.

These criteria are sometimes breached by the coin or its developers, making the token unfit for listing.

The PI coin has been making rounds lately after its blockchain migration.

The just concluded migration has sprung pioneer’s hunger for PI coin listing.

Fortunately, PI coin listing on top exchanges might be sooner than expected.

In this article, we discuss the potential of PI cryptocurrency – Making it fit for Binance listing.

What is Listing in crypto?

Listing means the official admission of a cryptocurrency to the trading platform of the Exchange.

It is significant in the journey of the company’s growth and development.

As said earlier, It provides liquidity (Easy trading of coins) to investors, ensuring effective monitoring of compliance of the issuer and trading of the securities in the interest of investors.

Possibility of PI coin listing on Binance

After careful analysis of the PI coin and listing requirements of Binance, it is safe to say that  PI listing is sooner than we expect.

According to Binance CEO – Changpeng Zhao- “There are many things we look for in a coin before we list it”;

Number of Users

The first thing being looked for in a coin, according to Binance CZ, is the Number of Users.

The number of users reveals the utility of a coin.

According to him, If a coin or a project has a large number of users, it has value.

Every platform needs many users that will bring liquidity.

The PI community having a large number of users – 35M+ members in over 230 countries or regionspasses the first criteria for Binance listing.

No listing Rumours

According to CZ, Binance forbids coin creators promising users Binance listing.

Binance listing is confidential until it happens, so coin creators that intend to get a listing space on Binance are not supposed to do the following;

  • Projecting Binance listing for your project
  • Indicate Listing position before listing on Binance

According to CZ;

For any project applied, we ask for one-way NDA, so the project cannot disclose any information to anybody else. If they do, then they have violated that contract, and we usually either delay the listing process very often, indefinitely. We may also cancel their listing.

Sequel to the above statement, it is assumed that any project that says they will list on Binance will not list on Binance.

However, the PI team or community has not faulted this criterion.

No shilling of listing on social networks

Binance also forbids listing shillings on social media platforms.

Shilling is the implicit advertisement of a project for promotion purposes.

So, shilling your project listing before it is listed will force people to venture into the project, making your audience fake and substandard.

Finally, the PI community hasn’t violated this policy also.

Speaking wrong about Binance as a pressurizing strategy

According to Binance CZ, the firm forbids pressure from project owners, especially when people start saying bad things as a pressurizing tool for listing.

Projects that step over these boundaries are often blacklisted.


The above criteria are a pass for the PI coin.

Binance wants a fair ecosystem of users and not users who are compelled by developers.

Finally, if the PI core team wanted to list on Binance, the PI coin would have been listed a long time ago.

However, the project may have greater plans than we could ever imagine.

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