Genesis Wins Approval to Sell $1.3B in Grayscale Shares

Key Insights: 

  • Genesis gains judicial nod for selling Grayscale Bitcoin ETF shares, enhancing its liquidity amid Chapter 11 proceedings.
  • Judge Lane dismisses Digital Currency Group’s request to advise on the sale, citing potential conflicts of interest.
  • The sale includes Bitcoin ETF shares and stakes in Grayscale’s Ethereum and Ethereum Classic Trusts.

In a recent court hearing, Genesis received approval to sell its Grayscale Bitcoin ETF shares. The ruling by US bankruptcy judge Sean Lane marks a significant step for the embattled lender, now navigating bankruptcy proceedings. The court’s decision empowers Genesis to initiate the sale of these assets as it sees fit without imposing a fixed schedule for the transactions.

Court Approves Asset Liquidation

The ruling came from US bankruptcy judge Sean Lane, who approved Genesis’s request to offload its shares in Grayscale’s Bitcoin ETF (GBTC), along with its positions in Grayscale’s Ethereum Trust (ETHE) and Ethereum Classic Trust (ETCG). 

The approval empowers Genesis to initiate the sale of these assets at its discretion without establishing a specific timeline for the transactions. Moreover, the judge’s decision enables the conversion of these shares into bitcoin or cash, providing Genesis with flexible options to manage its financial restructuring.

Dispute Over Sale Consultation

The court’s decision also addressed a contentious point between Genesis and the Digital Currency Group (DCG), the latter having sought a role in consulting on the share sale. However, Judge Lane decided against DCG’s involvement, pointing out the potential for conflicted interests given DCG’s position as the brand’s parent company. This judgment underscores the court’s intention to ensure that the sale process remains impartial and maximizes returns for Genesis’s creditors.

Genesis’s Strategic Move

Genesis’s strategic decision to sell its Grayscale shares follows the Securities and Exchange Commission’s recent approval of several spot bitcoin ETFs, potentially influencing the market dynamics for such assets. The company’s portfolio includes 35 million shares of GBTC, eight million shares of ETHE, and approximately $3 million worth of ETCG. At the time of the court’s ruling, GBTC shares were trading at around $46 each.

The court’s decision to allow Genesis to sell its Grayscale shares represents a turning point in the lender’s bankruptcy saga. It provides a pathway for Genesis to fulfill its debt obligations and highlights the intricacies of managing digital assets in a bankruptcy context.

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