Franklin Templeton Lists Ethereum ETF on DTCC Platform

Key Insights:

  • Franklin Templeton listed its spot Ether ETF on DTCC, signaling steps toward regulatory acceptance.
  • The SEC has extended the review period for Franklin’s ETF to June 11, citing the need for a thorough evaluation.
  • Industry leaders express mixed optimism about the approval of Ether-based ETFs amidst regulatory hesitancy.

Franklin Templeton listed its new spot Ether ETF, the Franklin Ethereum TR Ethereum ETF (EZET), on the DTCC website. This move marks a key step toward integrating Ethereum into mainstream financial instruments. The DTCC listing allows for the creation and redemption of ETF shares, which helps keep the price aligned with Ethereum’s market value. Moreover, the listing does not imply approval from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which remains a significant hurdle.

Earlier on February 12, Franklin Templeton had applied for SEC approval to launch this spot Ether ETF. If sanctioned, the ETF would trade on the Chicago Board Options Exchange as the Franklin Ethereum ETF. However, the SEC recently delayed its decision on this application, moving the deadline to June 11 to allow more time for review.

In the broader context, other financial giants like BlackRock and Grayscale have also been navigating the challenging regulatory landscape to launch their own Ethereum ETFs. Despite these efforts, the industry faces uncertainty. The SEC’s cautious approach under Chairman Gary Gensler‘s leadership, particularly his reservations about market manipulation risks in cryptocurrency, adds layers of complexity to the approval process.

The market response to these developments has been cautiously optimistic. Ethereum’s price has experienced growth, albeit overshadowed by Bitcoin’s performance. The ongoing regulatory discussions, including recent interactions between the SEC and companies like Coinbase, emphasize the stringent standards and surveillance mechanisms expected for such ETFs.

Looking forward, the prospect of legal challenges looms if the SEC decides against approving Ether ETFs. Companies are prepared to advocate vigorously for their interests, underscoring the high stakes involved in these regulatory deliberations.

As the June 11 deadline approaches, all eyes will be on the SEC’s decision, which will significantly impact the landscape of cryptocurrency investment products. Franklin Templeton’s proactive listing on the DTCC, while not a guarantee of approval, positions the firm at the forefront of this growing market sector.


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