Best laptop for crypto trading 2022

Right from the beginning of crypto trading, it’s believed that a deep trader will always see beyond the shallow one.

Trading is not just about buying and selling pairs (crypto currencies), it’s beyond that.

A lot of people feel that using laptops for trading is stressful but they don’t understand how easy and interesting trading can be with a good laptop.

Fundamental and Technical analysis are not really feasible in phones and the small display of phones can be annoying, especially when you need to see the wide range of a currency chart.

With this, you should understand how important it is to trade with a laptop and obviously a professional trader will prefer laptop analysis to phone analysis.

But unfortunately, not all laptops are fit to give you all you need in crypto trading.

This is why we analyzed few laptops and chose the best for crypto trading.

The frustrations in using a laptop with poor specifications is a night mare. Your crypto trading experience can be a joke if you use a low end laptop. In this article, we would lay down a good crypto trading laptop that has passed the criteria for a good trading laptop. The below laptop will give you a lag free crypto trading and it can open multiple charts , to increase your trading success chances.

Before we proceed, understand that price factor can be a constraint in choice of a good trading laptop, but since crypto trading is a paying profession, using a huge sum of money to purchase a good crypto trading laptop that is productive won’t be a bad idea.

Best laptop for crypto trading

Before we go into this, we have to understand that laptops have different brands and we are going to discuss the windows OS(HP) brand and the apple OS brand(mac book).

A good crypto/Forex trading laptop should have the following specifications.

  • A great display(Graphics)
  • USB and HDMI ports
  • Easy to use track pad(mouse)
  • Long lasting battery
  • Sleek appearance
  • Less weight
  • Keyboard light and mouse light
  • A good RAM and processor for multiple navigations

These are the few as we can’t list all.

I would have said all gaming laptops can be used for trading, but because of the rugged appearance and heavy weight of gaming laptops, many persons red flagged gaming laptops.

And with this, lets slide on.

A laptop with the below specifications can crypto trade optimally and seamlessly.

  • 8GB – 12GB of RAM
  • 256-500GB of SSD hard drive
  • 8th – 10th Gen Intel Core i3 -i9 processor
  • A good display of 13.3-inch – 15.6inch laptop with FHD
  • Battery capacity of 5 hours and above.
  • USB Ports of 3 and above for multi connections.
  • Sleek appearance and light weighted

A lot of laptops of different models can give you this specs, but in the course of this article we chose the HP Spectre x360 as the best laptop for crypto trading.

Hp spectre x360
Hp spectre x360

Specifications of HP spectre X360 to confirm its ground as the best laptop for Crypto trading

  • Screen size and quality – 13.3 inches
  • Operating system (os)– windows 10
  • Processor(CPU)– 10th Gen Intel i7, Quad core.
  • RAM– 16GB RAM
  • Hard drive type– 512 SSD
  • Graphics type- Integrated
  • Keyboard- A well spaced keyboard with light inclusive
  • Human interface – Touch screen, a pen and a finger print reader

As said earlier, we have lots of laptops that can perform same operation, but the HP spectre X360 seems to be exceptional in all round.

MAC book air 13.3

MacBook Air 13
MacBook Air 13

Crypto traders who prefers mac os over windows should rush to get this PC.

The configurations of the PC which will be dropped below is amazing.

The sleek appearance of this device caught my attention. Below are the specifications of the MAC book air 13.1.

  • Manufacturer of Laptop- Apple
  • RAM- 8GB
  • Operating System – macOS Big Sur 11.0
  • Internal storage- 256gb(SSD)
  • Screen size – 13 inches (sleek)
  • Processor – Apple M1 chip
  • Weight- Light weighted(0.5kg, 500g)
  • Battery life: 12 hours
  • USB ports- 4 usb ports
  • Graphics- Integrated
  • Cores- 8 cores
  • Price- $1131


Why crypto trade with a laptop?

Trading is broad, and not the regular price actions check. Trading has key points and key steps, all these features will be made more visible with a laptop.

Trading with a laptop has it’s own unique feelings, totally different from that of phones. The following are the reasons why you need to trade with a laptop;

  • Easy to visualize trading interface: Screen size and graphics type is a secret to trading success. You can have a good trading skill, but with poor trading analysis tool, you can flop it all. Having a wider screen size to display the market, will allow you to spot market signals easily than with a mobile phone.
  • Hard to make mistakes: Mobile phones make you venerable to mistakes due to body construction and compartment. The mistakes made trading the market can be curb when you make use of a laptop.
  • Complete trading features from trading ecosystem: Some trading features are hiding when trading with a phone, since the screen size is not big or large enough to display all features. That’s why using a laptop to trade is a bonus, as you will easily see all market tools and market features.
  • More trading confidence and accuracy: Trading with a laptop often brings the inner prestige and confidence to your trading analysis and decisions. Your accuracy is doubled when trading with laptop, as the chances of making mistake is little.
  • Easily draw and trace patterns: Some devices lag when utilizing some trading tools in phones. Using a laptop will give you a lag free trading experience, as the laptop specification are higher and channeled to the particular activity you are doing.
  • Easy to concentrate: Using your phone to trade can be disturbing and distracting, as you have different notifications that might be coming in. Even if you disable notifications when trading, calls might come in to disturb you trading time. Using a laptop will channel your concentration to the particular activity you are into and remove distractions from other end. Trading needs undivided concentration, and it is easily achieved with a laptop.

Demerits of laptop trading

The only known demerit of laptop crypto trading is the price factor, as it may not be affordable by everyone.

Laptops are different from phones such that, you can manage a low end phone for an activity, but you cannot manage a low end laptop for high end activities.

It’s better you save up to get a good laptop and enjoy your trading experience, than to continue making mistakes in trading.


The interesting part of Crypto trading is how seamless the crypto chart navigations are, and how big the display screen could be.

Having a good graphics laptop will save you the expenses of getting a monitor. How you navigate in your trading platform with zero lags when switching candles charts, indicators, etc. won’t be of concern to you if you use a good laptop for your trading experience.

Finally, having a good crypto trading laptop will make you achieve your trading dream.


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