Understanding the Metaverse – Easy guide

The metaverse has been the talk of the town and it’s heard many times a day. It is a trending term that people know little or nothing about.

The issue of the metaverse escalated more as Facebook CEO threw some light on it and thought of changing its brand to ‘META’.

Currently, Facebook and Microsoft have shown a lot of interest in the future space.

Even the crypto space has started with their hike as they have been producing some coins calling them metaverse coins, the likes of Manna, sand, etc.

But what is this metaverse all about, how does it concern you, are the future space coins trading lucrative, how can you leverage them, and how can you make use of this future space opportunity and take advantage of it?

All these questions will be answered in this article, so let’s run along as usual.

NB: we would be using the future space in place of the Metaverse.

History of the MetaverseMetaverse interaction

We give credit to Author Neal Stephenson for being the first to mention the word ‘Metaverse’  in his 1992 science fiction novel titled, ‘Snow Crash’.

Although, it was fiction as he imagined a space where lifelike avatars met in realistic 3D buildings and other virtual reality environments.

The space he thought about is what we currently call the METAVERSE.

Since then a lot of inventions have been made where the inventors did not actually call their inventions future space inventions, but it was the future space in the application.

So many projects revealing the future space have been dropped, for example, the 3d virtual games like Fortnite, Minecraft, and Roblox. All these give an amazing picture of what the future space looks like.

The future space is nothing but an online virtual world that depicts virtual reality, 3D holographic avatars, video, and other means of communication.

According to facebook’s CEO, when the metaverse finally evolves, it will act as an alternative for co-existence.

What is the Metaverse


Having discussed the history of the future space, a neat picture has already been painted in your mind about the future space.

Future space is a virtual space technology where real users exist within a digital universe. it’s like an advanced video gaming performance. In the future space, you could buy and sell.

Almost everything in the real world will be done in the future space with the help of technology. Currently, some people have been purchasing lands with crypto in the future space, looks funny right?

That should let you know that the future space is fast approaching if not here already.

The features of the metaverse are not far from its users working, playing, and staying connected with their meta friends, having concerts, and traveling all in the metaverse.

The metaverse will be the new internet, another different environment that people would like to experience. Sometimes we get tired of the internet or the real world, maybe the metaverse will be alternate navigation.

Finally, I will define the metaverse as a fully augmented online space that looks similar to the real world but is computer-generated.

Metaverse and cryptocurrencies


These two have a lot in common, the crypto space is doing so much in bringing the future space closer. In the future space, your fiat money doesn’t matter, you need cryptocurrencies to surf in the future space, that’s why you now see a lot of metaverse coins being created.

If you noticed NFTs are everywhere now, it’s more like the fortune of the future space because in that space you could exchange NFTs and trade them.

NFT (Non Fungible tokens) as discussed in our previous article are digital or physical assets stored on a blockchain and traded or gifted.

This has given the crypto giants a big advantage, as they think that  NFT will become a key component in the future space with their cryptocurrency used to pay for them.

Recalling the fact that NFTs represent plots of virtual “land” in the future space and have already been sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cryptocurrency.

Metaverse Crypto Tokens

Metaverse crypto tokens
Metaverse crypto tokens

In trying to meet up with the coming of the future space, some crypto projects have been created. A lot of crypto milestones have been achieved.

Currently, there are many crypto projects that depict a virtual ecosystem where real people can interact with each other through gaming and other experiences.

For example; MANA, SAND, AXS, HERO COIN, etc.

We can’t mention all future space coins here, there are so many, make your research.

All the above coins will skyrocket to the top as we keep getting close to the metaverse era.

Meanwhile, before you purchase your future space coins, do your research. Check the following things.

Analysis before buying metaverse coins

  1. Check the community: Check their social platforms, their services, and the white paper. How large the metaverse coin community is, will tell the seriousness and commitment of coin developers to the project.
  2. What Metaverse Problem are they solving (use case): Any coin that is not made to solve a problem will not stand in the future. There are lots of loopholes in the crypto industry, any good project should solve any one of them. The utility is a good basis for value, if you can’t help me, I can’t pay you. So carefully check or ask developers questions through their chat networks.
  3. Supporters of Project: There should renowned supporters of the project, men who have a successful background in the crypto space and who might have developed or created a successful project before. Project supporters will also tell how successful a project can be in the future. If a renowned project leader is backing a new project, the picture is clearer than when no successful person backs it.
  4. A nice Road map: Every coin has a road map, which is a plan that is to be followed after the coin launch. So check if the white paper corresponds with the road map. Are the problem and solution listed?


The metaverse is promising and every business owner will have to find opportunities in the metaverse.

Embrace the metaverse, share, and drop your opinions.

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