GNO price prediction

Decentralization has been the watchword of cryptocurrencies, with the Ethereum blockchain topping the decentralization network. Other ALT coins developers are striving to build a decentralized application for the Ethereum blockchain.

Gnosis(GNO) is a decentralized platform that offers a high level of decentralized finance, by allowing people to create, trade and hold digital assets on Ethereum, Gnosis revealed.

We know that the success of a currency is somehow dependent on the use case while responding to technical and fundamental analysis.

If you want to know how successful GNO is and could be, you are at the right place.

In this article, we are going to discuss GNO with its price prediction from 2022 to 2025.

What is GNO

GNO price prediction
GNO price prediction

GNO is the native token of Gnosis built on the Ethereum network to offer full decentralized offerings.

Gnosis, founded in 2015, is aimed at experimenting and building decentralized infrastructures for Ethereum.

It has transitioned from a just market prediction forum to a decentralized market prediction infrastructure.

GNO also has a decentralized autonomous system, where its previous products are transparently used to guide and govern forthcoming projects and developments.

Tokenomics of GNO

The tokenomics of GNO is top-notch and can be seen from the huge price mark.

Reports from coinmarketcap reveal the price statistics of GNO below;

  • GNO’s current price: $121.24.
  • Market capitalization: $312,740,532.
  • Fully diluted market capitalization: $1,212,366,207.
  • Circulation supply: 2,579,588.00 GNO.
  • Maximum supply: 10,000,000.
  • 24 hours trading volume: $12,025,697.

Why is GNO unique?

The uniqueness of GNO can be seen from the tokenomics above and the following points below;

  • Decentralization: GNO uniqueness is not far from how it easily creates decentralized infrastructures for Ethereum. It also offers Defi duties like loans, earn, invoices, payroll, etc.
  • DAO: Decentralized autonomous organizations are making rounds through the success of their projects. GNO utilizes DAO protocols to create, develop and effect projects. The execution and sustainability of projects are not dependent on a central body(authority).

GNO price prediction

GNO 1day chart- Trading view
GNO 1day chart- Trading view

After obtaining an all-time high (ATH) of $1088.87, GNO slowly hit the current price of $121, making holders and incoming investors sceptical. It will be nice to use price predictions of GNO as guidance to make your trading decisions.

We are going to group the price predictions of GNO into; 2022, 2023, and 2025.

GNO price prediction 2022

GNO 1day chart- Trading view
GNO 1day chart- Trading view

Price predictions made here are based on fundamental and technical analysis.

GNO happen to have good tokenomics starting from a good market capitalization, which shows how early investors and holders are.

Fundamentally, the low circulation supply of GNO is a great buying momentum trigger and it is responsible for the high price of GNO. A perfect combination of low supply and low market cap boosted the fast-rising GNO token.

Having a DAO protocol is another transparent policy, which will attract more investors to the project.

Technically, the earlier support of GNO has been surpassed because of Bitcoin’s dip, turning previous support into resistance with style.

Forming new support at the bottom has shown a buying opportunity, however.

The green horizontal line shows new support, and the red horizontal line shows previous support that is still valid.

Finally, GNO is predicted to hit a price of $200 with an average price of $170 before the end of 2022.

GNO price prediction 2023

The nature of GNO is an attraction for investors worldwide, which will cause an increase in market capitalization that leads to a high increase in price.

Still, on fundamental and technical analysis, GNO is predicted to hit a price of $250 with an average price of $200 by 2023.

GNO price prediction 2025

The fundamental factors behind GNO are solid and will hold GNO every time. GNO will hit a massive market capitalization by 2025, with a price impulse which might hit close to all-time high price 2025.

Technically, all broken market regions will be filled up with buying impulses and previous support will be retained, pushing GNO high by 2025.

Finally, GNO is predicted to hit a price of $1300 with an average price of $600 by 2025.

Should I buy GNO?

I know you are contemplating buying or not buying GNO, if you are then we would guide you through.

GNO has clinched a high price already, and might not be affordable to everyone for now. But if you own GNO already, no cause for alarm as you have read the analysis made here.

Buying GNO is not a bad idea if you are buoyant enough, but you also need to know a better buying zone to open long positions on GNO.

Buying GNO for long-term profit also requires huge money to make a huge profit.

Fortunately, we are going to discuss the good buying zones for GNO below.

Where to buy GNO?

GNO Buy zones- Trading view
GNO Buy zones- Trading view

GNO is a promising coin and will be more promising if it profits you. Making a profit is not by buying alone, but by buying at a lesser price(buy zones). Technically, GNO has hit new support which is a buying opportunity. The marked-out buying zones above show buying opportunities.


Gnosis(GNO) has shown how committed they are by recording a high price increment with a minimum market capitalization. This would make you realize what will happen when GNO eventually hits a billion market cap. Still, yet, we have to follow technical and fundamental analysis to guide our trading.


Our price predictions are based on fundamental and technical analysis. This article is only for informational purposes and not financial advice. You are therefore advised to do your own research(DYOR) and trade at your own risk.


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