CHZ price prediction

Chiliz (CHZ) is a blockchain based cryptocurrency that is geared to mainstream entertainment.

Amongst all the use cases of cryptocurrencies, CHZ seems to be simply unique by choosing entertainment as a line of function. Entertainment here includes sports and music.

The entertainment industry has been a force to crypto adoption and everyone is holding it closely. Coming from crypto platforms like Binance sponsoring sports activities, Crypto platforms sponsoring music concerts, etc. All these tends to paint the image of crypto into the minds of the world, with the aim of crypto adoption.

As cryptocurrencies with their own blockchains are more loved, CHZ happen to be loved as it has it’s own blockchain explorer for tracking and verifying CHZ transactions easily and in a decentralized manner.

CHZ is a promising cryptocurrency, and this article will discuss about CHZ with it’s price predictions from 2022 to 2025.

What is Chiliz (CHZ)

CHZ price prediction
CHZ price prediction

CHZ is a blockchain basee cryptocurrency that strives to work in the sports and entertainment world to create fan tokens for mainstream customers.

Chiliz (CHZ), founded by Alexandre Dreyfus, is the developer of, a renowned fan token reward platform built on the CHZ blockchain. utilizes CHZ as it’s primary platform cryptocurrency.

The main reason or the goal of CHZ developers, it’s to make the entertainment world engaging by creating fan reward programs, alternative payment methods, for mainstream customers. is one of the most reliable fan reward platforms, which is one of the success of CHZ developers.

Creating a means where fans are being rewarded for their undying support is one of the utility of CHZ.

Creating a fan reward system is not the most attractive uniqueness of CHZ, but also letting fans participate in sports and entertainment governance is mind blowing.

Tokenomics of CHZ

Reports from coinmarketcap, revealed the market statistics of CHZ shown below. The price statistics will guide us during our fundamental analysis, and general price prediction.

  • CHZ Current price: $0.08888.
  • Market capitalization: A good market capitalization of $533,324,649.
  • Fully diluted market capitalization:$790,060,716.
  • Circulating supply: 6.00B CHZ.
  • Maximum supply: 8B CHZ.
  • 24 hours Volume: $65,364,358.

Why is CHZ unique?

All cryptocurrencies have their specific utility and the major problem they solve in the world at large. Although, some are the modifications of previous currencies. But CHZ is different, as it so unique in it’s own way. Let’s see the uniqueness below;

  • Fan reward system: CHZ happen to be a fan reward system token, totally different from other cryptocurrency.
  • Fan token with it’s own blockchain: Other fan tokens are built on existing blockchains like ethereum, BNB, ADA, etc. But CHZ is built on it’s own blockchain to offer more than just a reward system.
  • Fan governance token: CHZ will give fans previledge to not just watch their favorite sports clubs, but also participate in the governance. This will create more fan engagements and fan support system.

CHZ price prediction

CHZ 1day chart- Trading view
CHZ 1day chart- Trading view

It’s normal to be skeptical before investing on any cryptocurrency, especially because of high crypto volatility.

After series of fundamental and technical analysis, we have made strong predictions on the price of CHZ, and it will be grouped into 3 parts; 2022, 2023, and 2025.

CHZ price prediction 2022

CHZ 1day chart- Trading view
CHZ 1day chart- Trading view

CHZ from the above chart has left all support zones to create a little accumulation setup. From chart pattern, the Bitcoin Dip is responsible for the current CHZ dump, leaving impulse move to be fundamentally based only.

Technically, the old supports of CHZ has been surpassed, creating a newer one, which we can take technical report from.

With this, CHZ is in a good spot for an impulse move that can be gotten from BTC or CHZ fundamentals only.

Fundamentally, the market capitalization of CHZ is early for investors to zoom into it. The circulation supply is okay for a fan base currency, and as entertainment sectors embrace fan token development, so will CHZ gain buying impulse.

Finaly, after fundamental and technical analysis, CHZ is predicted to attain a price of $0.4, with an average price of $0.25 before 2022 runs out.

CHZ price prediction 2023

2023 poses to be bullish, as BTC correction will be over by then. This will also make things work and confrim fundamental and technical analysis of CHZ.

CHZ is predicted to attain a price of $0.8 with an average price of $0.5 by 2023.

CHZ price prediction 2025

Holding formal fundamentals and technical analysis, CHZ will be super adopted by sports and entertainment industries. CHZ price increments will be more of fundamentals than technical analysis, as the currency is based on adoption and fan base.

This happen to point an increase by 2025. With FA and TA, CHZ is predicted to hit a price of $2, with an average price of $1 by 2025.

Should I buy CHZ?

CHZ current price is good and affordable but does that influence a buying signal?

Buying CHZ won’t be a bad idea, especially after understanding the fundamental and technical analysis done in this article. You will be faced with a challenge, which is “where to buy CHZ?”.

Where to buy a coin is as important as why to buy the particular coin. Fortunately, we would be discussing where to buy CHZ.

Where to buy CHZ?

CHZ buy zones- Trading view
CHZ buy zones- Trading view

If you have gained interest in CHZ, then you should have made up your mind in buying or not. Incase you want to buy CHZ, then you have to buy at the marked out buying zones shown in the chart below. The marked out zones are the right buying trigger zones of CHZ.


As the entertainment sectors are striving hard to entertain fans or audience, it is also nice to take your fans into consideration, by creating a reward system and a fan governance system, where their voices could be heard to make them feel special. CHZ poses to have this in mind, and has created what it takes to make your entertainment platform more engaging and interactive.


This article is for informational purposes and not a financial advice. You are to trade cryptocurrencies at your own risk, and do your own research(DYOR).

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