Top 7 Metaverse coins 2022

Are you asking this question “What are the best metaverse coins?”.

The metaverse is shaking the crypto world, and everyone wants to know about the metaverse and its potentials.

This has led people to ask, what are the best metaverse coins?

That question looks easy, but how easy can it be answered.

In this article, we are going to understand 3 things.

  • What is metaverse?
  • How to choose metaverse coins, and
  • The best Metaverse Coins


We wont get tired explaining this to our readers because explaining the metaverse to everyone is worth it.

Just see the metaverse as a replica of the real world in an online(virtual) world. And the replication is possible with advanced technology, that makes that virtual world interactive and immersive.

Choosing a metaverse coin

In choosing a metaverse coin, you have to watch the following;

  • Current Price: If the price is affordable you can hold for long
  • Market Capitalization: The amount put on the coin will determine if you would be early or late on the coin.
  • Use case: If the coin solves a unique problem in the metaverse, or if its bringing a better metaverse feature then its a turn on.
  • Circulation Supply: The amount of coin in circulation will determine scarcity and potential increase in price.

So lets look at the best metaverse coins.

Why to buy metaverse coins?

The metaverse bang is making rounds online and it is good to join the trend. The metaverse has been taking seriously by big companies and now celebrities. Getting in with good metaverse coins, could change your crypto life sooner than expected. Some metaverse coins that had no value at their early stages have gained massive value recently. Imagine getting in at the early stage.

Also, buying metaverse coins is another way of supporting the metaverse movement and growth. Metaverse coins are lucrative and should be bought carefully.

Best Metaverse coins

When it comes to best metaverse coins, we have to look at the top and the upcoming projects.

These are the metaverse coins that are making rounds with their potentials and use cases.


Sand Box was launched 2011, by Pixowl, The Sandbox is a metaverse project built on blockchain, to allow users to create, build, buy and sell digital assets in the form of a game. The Sandbox combines DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) and NFTs(Non fungible tokens) to create a unique decentralized virtual world built for gaming.

  • Current Price as at the time of this article:$3.71
  • Market capitalization:$4,262,336,051
  • Circulation Supply: 1.15B SAND
  • Use case: Blockchain immersive gaming with combination of DAO and NFTs
SAND chart-coinmarketcap
SAND chart-coinmarketcap


Manna is another metaverse project built on ethereum blockchain, and offers good opportunities. Allowing users to buy lands in the metaverse, build on them, and monetize it.

SAND has out classed many metaverse tokens and its till looking promising.

  • Current Price: $2.73
  • Market capitalization: $5,022,480,618
  • Circulation Supply: 1.84B MANA
  • Use case: offering virtual land acquisition with buildings and monetization
MANNA chart-coinmarketcap
MANNA chart-coinmarketcap


Axie Infinity is another metaverse project that offers gaming and trading abilities through NFTs(Axies). The axies are NFTs that can be trader and battled with. AXS has seen a lot of bullishness seen creation, as a lot of gamers have loved it more than the rest NFT games.

  • Current Price: $63.16
  • Market capitalization: $3,849,377,030
  • Circulation Supply: 60,907,500.00 AXS
  • Use Case: Blockchain based trading/battling gaming platform.
AXS chart-coinmarketcap
AXS chart-coinmarketcap

Currently, these are the major and top metaverse projects in the crypto space. Looking at the price value, a lot of money has been put in the projects which may influence your investment choices. But we still have fresh projects with great potentials, and entering early wont be a bad idea.

So we have to look at the Best Metaverse new projects or coins.


RenderToken (RNDR) is an Ethereum blockchain based GPU rendering platform that offers the connection of artists and studiod in need of GPU compute power. They work with mining partners who are also ready to rent their GPU capabilities.

  • Current Price: $3.09
  • Market Capitalization: An early market cap of $712,919,124
  • Circulation Supply: A long term scarce market supply of 231,614,571.70 RNDR
  • Use case: GPU rendering services to artists and studios.
RENDER RNDR chart-coinmarketcap
RENDER RNDR chart-coinmarketcap


ONT is a public blockchain based platform that offers decentralized identity and WEB 3 data solutions. They envision in protecting the data of users through encryption.

  • Current Price: $0.6494
  • Market Capitalization: $568,387,696
  • Circulation Supply: 875,249,524.00 ONT
  • Use Case: Privacy preservation throgh encryption for Web3 and the metaverse
ONTOLOGY ONT chart-coinmarketcap
ONTOLOGY ONT chart-coinmarketcap


RACA is a native coin of the universe metaverse. The Universe metaverse is a metaverse platform that offers the buying of lands, building on them. Creating and also playing games. Radio Caca, who are the creators of a renowned P2E game caled Metamon Island and metaverse United States of Mars (USM) has already announced a new partnership with  Miami NFT Week as a VIP Sponsor.

  • Current Price: $0.002345
  • Market capitilization: $706,358,784
  • Circulation Supply: 301.21B RACA, a big circulation that will reduce overtime.
  • Use case: P2E(play to earn) metaverse gaming.
RADIO CACA RACA chart-coinmarketcap
RADIO CACA RACA chart-coinmarketcap


Ultra offers the publishing of video games and video games content, aiming to remove the monopoly of other gaming publishing platforms, and to make game publishing accessible and easy for users.

  • Current Price: $1.30
  • Market capitalization: $365,362,014
  • Circulation Supply: sweet circulation supply of 282,752,124.29 UOS, responsible for scarcity.
  • Use Case: Mitigating Monopoly in the gaming publishing sector.
ULTRA UOS chart-coinmarketcap
ULTRA UOS chart-coinmarketcap


Cryptocurrencies are volatile with their significant risk attached to them. You are advised to trade at your own risk and also do your research(DYOR). This article is for informational purposes, and not a financial advice.



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