ANKR price prediction

Web 3 technology continues to be basking hot. Although we are not into the web3 mainstream fully we should prepare as other web3 platforms are preparing hugely.

If you don’t understand web3.0 technology, you can read our previous article on it: web 2 and web 3 technology.

The previous article on web 3 was able to explain what web3 is, the differences from web2 and the prevalent web3 problems.

These problems are the reason for the development of different web3 platforms, to tackle and solve the problems securely without compromising users’ privacy.

ANKR is one of the web3 platforms created to solve web3 basic problems.

In this article, we are going to discuss ANKR with its price predictions from 2022 to 2025.

What is ANKR

ANKR price prediction
ANKR price prediction

ANKR is a decentralized multi-chain infrastructure built on the Ethereum blockchain, to offer a full suite of multi-chain tools for the web3 ecosystem.

According to coinmarketcap, ANKR operates on several arrays of distributed nodes across over 50 Proof-of-Stake networks.

ANKR, co-founded by Chandler Song and Ryan Fang, offers blockchain development solutions, traditional APIs, and a decentralized multi-chain network of public RPC nodes.

These public nodes are so important and are used for the assessment of blockchain data and execution codes.

This allows ANKR to be able to have a blockchain scan called ANKR scan, which helps users to view on-chain transactions and records.

Tokenomics of ANKR

The price statistics of ANKR are shown below, according to coinmarketcap.

  • ANKR current price: $0.02892.
  • Market capitalization: $289,231,289.
  • Fully diluted market capitalization: $289,231,289.
  • Circulation supply: 8.16B ANKR.
  • Total supply: 10,000,000,000.
  • 24-hour volume: $19,720,724.

Why is ANKR unique?

ANKR’s uniqueness is not far from its decentralization offerings. The following are the few unique properties of ANKR;

  • Web 3 tools: ANKR is not just for web3 development, it also helps the defi ecosystem,  as it tries to make use of its multi-chain network to foster web 3 development(Decentralization).
  • Seamless on chain communications: With ANKR’s decentralized protocol, blockchain and DAPPs can operate and communicate seamlessly.
  • Users earning mechanism: Apart from the web3 solution mechanism, ANKR is still overs a lucrative opportunity for users. With ANKR, users can earn mouth watery amount of money(ANKR) by acting as nodes validator through their holdings(ANKR). This is possible since ANKR is a proof of stake currency.

ANKR price prediction

Now to the main reason you are here. ANKR price prediction will be discussed in groups; 2022, 2023 and 2025.

This will be done with comprehensive fundamental and technical analysis.

ANKR price prediction 2022

ANKR 1 day chart - Trading view
ANKR 1 day chart – Trading view

Ranging ANKR from the 1day chart has been on a declining movement for a while now. This is a result of the recent Bitcoin dip.

ANKR has good tokenomics, but the circulation supply seems to be much.

Fundamentally, the market capitalization of ANKR seems to be good and inviting. It shows how early the project is to investors and holders.

Also, the circulation supply of ANKR has taken much concern here, as it tends to slow down the price actions of ANKR, fundamentally.

ANKR happen to be a web3 project and will be greatly valued as web3 transitions into the mainstream.

Technically, ranging ANKR has surpassed the formal old ranging support to meet the oldest support which seems valid from the above chart.

This support has shown validity by holding ANKR up till now.

Finally, from fundamental and technical analysis, ANKR is predicted to hit a price of $0.08 with an average price of $0.06 before the end of 2022.

ANKR price prediction 2023

With the recent dip coming to a close as the bulls are breathing little by little, markets seem to be green again.

Although the bull run is not confirmed yet, ANKR still looks promising technically and fundamentally.

ANKR is predicted to hit a price of 0.2 by 2023 with an average price of $0.1.

ANKR price prediction 2025

ANKR 1 day chart - Trading view
ANKR 1 day chart – Trading view

2025 happens to be a bullish year from the analysis. This is beyond ANKR, as it affects the whole crypto market.

Fundamentally, by 2025, the market capitalization of ANKR will clinch a price beyond 1 billion. This will affect ANKR’s price positively.

Circulation supply is not responsible for the price reduction but the slow price increment of ANKR.

Technically, the ranging pattern of ANKR is still valid and will play out to push ANKR above the current Time High(ATH).

Finally, ANKR is predicted to hit a price of $1 with an average price of $0.6 BY 2025.

Should I buy ANKR?

From the above analysis and price charts, buying ANKR is not a bad idea. You just have to be a patient holder, and understand the best longing positions.

If you are good at technical analysis, you will be able to detect the best zones for opening a long position. But if you are not into technical analysis, the best longing zones will be discussed below, fortunate right?

Where to buy ANKR

ANKR Buy zones- Trading view
ANKR Buy zones- Trading view

In the crypto space, your trading decision is never complete without a buying or selling zone. This happens to be the best guide zones to long or short a market for profit.

From technical analysis, the marked-out zones “BUY ZONES” represent the best buying regions for ANKR, currently.


So many points are responsible for the price prediction of any given cryptocurrency. Because cryptocurrencies are volatile, price predictions should only act as a guide to your trading decisions and not an execution trigger.

However, ANKR is a promising coin and has a lot to offer for the web3 ecosystem and beyond.


This article is for informational purposes and not financial advice. You are hereby advised to do your research and trade at your own risk.





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