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The Truth About Crypto, Shutterstock

The Truth About Crypto

The crypto industry has experienced a lot of turbulence lately. Many people have fallen victim to defaulting crypto lending platforms and exchanges, resulting in a major loss and distrust in the crypto space. So the question is, how did this happen? Many people trusted well known centralized companies (such as Voyager, Celsius, FTX, and BlockFi) …

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3PAY by F.A.T.E

3PAY by F.A.T.E

In the last article, Start your Web3.0 journey with F.A.T.E, we covered a hidden gem project in the web3 space called F.A.T.E, a real business creating real tools and utilities for everyday users like you and me. The first publicly released dApp product developed by F.A.T.E is called 3pay. When you open up 3pay in …

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List of decentralized companies

List of decentralized autonomous companies DAO

The crypto space has been bubbling for it’s decentralized potential offerings. Everyone would love to send funds without an intermediary or a central authority, and it has brought many decentralized innovations to life. Ethereum has been known for the different positive features it brings into the crypto space. From the launch of Defi (decentralized finance), …

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