Euler Finance hacker don start to return Ether wey em steal

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Euler Finance hacker don start to return some of di Ether wey em steal but na very small chance dey say di hacker fit return di entire loot of $197 million, after em return 3,000 ETH, em never send anoda ETH as of when diz writing happen.

so far, dis na di biggest decentralized finance (DeFi) hack for dis 2023, and di hacker comot $197 million from Euler Finance, even though e be like di hacker don change em mind return some.

Dem send About 3,000 Ehter ($5.4 million) from di Euler Finance’s hacker address go Euler Finance’s  deployer address on March 18. Blockchain investigator PeckShield don identify three transactions wey dem use send di funds.

Di chances dey very small say di hacker go return di whole $197 million wey em steal because em never send anoda moni as of di time of dis writing.

Euler Finance on March 16, announce $1 million reward to take track down di hacker and help get all di moni back.

After di hacker don drain $197 million using plenti transactions em come later use a multichain bridge take transfer di funds from di BNB Chain to Ethereum.

Di moni move go crypto mixer Tornado Cash after Euler Finance announce di $1 million bounty.

Euler Finance don demand make di hacker bring back 90% of di moni  within 24 hours to avoid likely jail time

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