CBDC don turn big mata for US Politics

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Plenti high ranking officials in di United States don dey talk dia mind regarding CBDC for di past few weeks. While some dey impartial, odas dey seriously oppose di idea of a central bank digital currency.

A Republican congressman, Tom Emmer for em speech at a conference hosted by the Cato Institute, he still drop warning give di Federal Reserve about di drawbacks of so potential insurance of. digital dollar. Dis na because em know seg diz technology no enter well with American values like privacy and free markets.

Based on wetin Emmer yearn, di govment dey try to gain more control over people mino through CBDC. Em use di opportunity take remind everybodi about em bill wey dey stop di Federal Reserve from issuing CBDC for people,

As di Federal govment dey try ti maintain an expand di financial control as dem dey do before, di idea of a central bank digital currency don gather traction within di institution of power. I dey confident dat American Values go always prevail against di power hungry whims of unelected bureaucratsTom Emmer na em talk this one.

Plenti countries don dey test or develop CBDC for some time. American Politicians and bureaucrats dey exploit di mata to look like US dey fail and na CBDC go help maintain di dollar lending positiom in di world. And Emmer dey against diz speculations.

Di Fed on top CBDC

Di vice chair for supervision at di Federal Reserve, Michael Barr dey neutral on CBDC mata, em talk sey di Federal Reserve just dey try research di technology and di privacy wahala no be news , come add say plenti central banks don dey find di best developers for the job

We never still make any decision and we believe say plenti work dey to do before we go make any decision. We go continue wetin we dey do as far as we feel say na di right idea for di country as a whole.-Vice chair supervision at di Federal Reserve, Michael Barr.

Micheal still add say, stablecoins still need federal regulation.

Department of di Treasury on top CBDC


Di under Secretary for Domesric Funance at di U.S. Treasury Department, Nellie Liang don annouce say a working group of experts from different govment agencies go start to dey discuss di potential launch of a CBDC as March dey begin. Di group go check di benefits of dat kind currency for US financial leadershjp and national security. And dem go make sure say e comply with all domestic and global laws.

Liang come give her support to di politicians wey believe CBDC fit scatter di ttaditional banking system.

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