Cardano Blockchain don drop new network Update

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Di Cardano Blockchain don drop new update wey em want use improve em network communication.

How dis new Cardano Blockchain upgrade go be?

Di Cardano Blockchain drop em new node version v.1.35.6, wey carry functionality wey Dem dey call Dynamic peer-to-peer (P2P) networking.

Cardano talk say dis move go make sure sey Dem go dey enjoy network uptime and stability and beta general resilience.

Di upgrade so don dey designed to make sure say network no fail at anytime and e go dey stable and also ensure overall resilience.

di power wey di network need to provide come still maintain a standard level of operation even when faults and wahala dey for normal operations Dem.

Di two ways to configure a Cardano node na either as a block-producing node or a relay node. Block producing node na em dey responsible for producing blocks inside di Blockchain, while di other node go dey relay and broadcast di blocks from block producing nodes.

Dynamic P2P go make bidirectional usage of each connection possible, wey go make communication simple and come increase network resilience against failures or malicious behaviors Dem.

Though di Cardano code maintainer IOG and di Cardano Foundation  go still test the available Cardano’s main network, and di dynamic P2P functionality in di next few weeks to make sure say everytin go rollout as Dem want am.

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