Ban Crypto because e no get economic or social value- EU parliament member yarn

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Johan Van Overtveldt, economic spokesman for di right-wing ECR political party inside di European Parliament, talk make dem ban Crypto as em bin compare crypto to drugs.

Why Johan Van Overtveldt want make dem ban Crypto

Johan Van Overtveldt, wey be member of di European Parliament and former Belgian finance minister, for em Friday tweet don call for a ban on crypto for di midst of di banking sector commotion.

Di economic spokesman for a grouping of 64 European Union lawmakers, Van Overtveldt yarn dis mata as di European parliament  dey prepare to vote on top landmark crypto licensing rules for di bloc.

Van Overtveldt tweet talk say, “anoda lesson to learn from di current banking wahala. Enforce a strict ban on cryptocurrencies,” say di assets na just mere speculation wey “no get economic or social value.”

Em still come add say “If govment ban drugs, dem suppose also ban Crypto,” as consequence from di failure of crypto-friendly silicon valley bank and silvergate bank wey affect the European markets.

Van Overtveldt dey represent di right-wing European Conservatives and reformers, wey be di fifth largest political grouping for inside di parliament, as e concern di Economic and Monetary Affairs committee.

Di parliament’s 705 lawmakers done ready to vote next month on top di markets in crypto Assets regulation wey go provide di regulatory framework wey digital wallet providers and exchange go use dey operate.

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