Sam-Bankman Fried bin collect $2.2B when em be FTX CEO

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Based on di bankruptcy court filings wey FTX new managenent make, FTX Founder and Former CEO Sam-Bankman (SFB), bin collect $2.2 billion when em be dey FTX as CEO.

Five oda people for em circle still follow receive di exchange moni for dia own use,  report talk say na $3.2 billion in total dem transfer go dia accounts. Most of di moni comot from FTX’s sibling company Alameda Research wey na still SBF establish, and dem bin dey comot di as ‘loans and payments’.

Also, di moni wey em use for “political and charity gifts,” and di $240 million for “luxury property wey dey Bahamas,” according to di exchange new management no even join for dis $3.2 billion so.

Oda executives collect moni when dem dey FTX?


No be only Sam-Bankman Fried collect moni from FTX,  FTX and Alameda Research executives, Nishad Sigh, Gary Wang, and Caroline Ellison, bin recieve pass $800 million. Also, former Alameda Research head, Ellison bin receive $6 million. Alameda bin get access to “an unlimited line of credit on” from 2019 reach 2022. According to Ellison.

Two former FTX executives, John Samuel Trabucco and Ryan Salame, Dem say be also gain pass $100 million collectively.

When tins bin dey alright, FTX bin worth pass $40 billion. John Ray, the present FTX CEO still dey try to locate assets, including some cryptocurrencies wey still dey out of reach, wey fit settle di millions of clients wey dia account dey frozen since di FTX gbese start but dat na if dem find the cryptocurrencies dem.

SBF dey currently face plenti charges in regard to di fall of FTX, Dem charge am with robbing the exchange for em personal benefit and securities fraud.

SBF at some time was practically di face of di cryptocurrency industry. Em dey custody for em parent’s house for California as em dey await trial wey suppose start in October. SBF Sha entered a “not guilty” plea to di federal charges.

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