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With the current situation of things, FTX will no longer be able to fulfill the purchase of Voyager and its assets.

Binance, which was a top contender in the former Voyager bidding exercise, will return to the purchasing table, said Changpeng Zhao (CZ).

CZ also reaffirmed that Binance is not a Chinese company, despite his looks.

Voyager, FTX, and Binance

The early cryptocurrency winter was significantly ballooned by the Terra’s collapse, which caused a lot of trouble for multiple industry companies like Voyager which had to file for bankruptcy.

While trying to remedy the misfortune, the troubled crypto lender auctioned its assets.

The top two contenders were the two US affiliates of FTX and Binance, and the FTX American branch won it.

However, after everything that has happened to FTX, the company is no longer buoyant to secure the deal.

Binance, though, will have to resume its bid for Voyager, according to the company’s CEO – CZ.

After throwing blames regarding the rumors of Binance US facing security issues on FTX, CZ claimed that Binance acquired “multiple companies” in the US without any regulatory problems.

So, it plans to “make another bid for Voyager now, given FTX is no longer able to follow through on their commitment.

According to CZ, Binance will plan to raise $1 billion to be able to purchase assets from Voyager and other struggling crypto firms.

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