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Nikolai Mushegian – one of the early contributors to MakerDAO – has been found dead at 29 after reportedly drowning at sea in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The developer was renowned within the crypto community for supporting multiple projects and technology innovations, with some calling him the “DAI architect.”

The local news outlet El Nuevo Dia confirmed Mushegian’s death on Friday, disclosing that he’d been “swept away by sea currents” at Conando Beach in San Juan.

Having strong undercurrents, this beach already had a reputation as a dangerous place to swim, having killed 8 people in 2021 alone.

According to police report, they were informed of Mushegian’s death on Friday morning.

As per the report, he was a resident of San Juan and that by the time his body was found, he had no vital signs.

Meanwhile, Crypto Twitter offered accolades for Mushegian’s accomplishments and contributions after rumors of his death emerged over the weekend.

On Monday, MakerDAO founder and CEO Rune Christensen said that Maker would have been “toast” without Mueshegian’s help.

“Nikolai was one of the only people in the early days of Ethereum and smart contracts who was able to predict the possibility of smart contract hacks and invented the security-oriented approach to smart contract design we know today.”

The following day, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson commended the deceased as “a very young and extremely bright man,” with a “deep understanding of technology.”

Some online concerns before his death

Mushegian was always active on social media, but dropped some concern the day before his death.

Before his passing, he posting a tweet about being targeted by a Puerto Rico sex-trafficking ring, and that they would “torture him to death.”

2 months prior to his passing, he claimed he might be “suicided by the CIA” in the future.

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