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Aptos might have had a possible rugpull scam, crypto Twitter sounds alarm.

Aptos, a Layer-1 PoS blockchain built by two former devs from the Diem Group, Mo Shaikh and Avery Chang, has been trending after its mainnet launch.

However, in a Twitter post by D3gens.apt, a fan page for the Aptos community, the alarm was sounded about a potential drain of 1.5 million APT tokens by AptosChimps, another NFT project looking to capitalize on both the popularity of Bored Apes and the hype gained by the new blockchain.

The New NFT project allegedly promises free mints, with only the gas fees necessary for the mint to be paid.

However, D3gens reported that the wallet connected to the AptosChimps project was allegedly being drained to the tune of $12 million.

A follow-up video warning users against the NFT project was also posted to YouTube several hours later, although it is uncertain if the two are related.

In the video was the transaction chain that allegedly got the alert reactions.

Also in the video was the Aptos Chimp wallet that receives the gas fees for the free mint sending a big chunk of the funds to another wallet with constant transactions, believed to possibly be an exchange wallet.

While the original tweet claimed that about 1.5 million APT were drained from the wallet, for a total of about $12.6 million, a follow-up update corrected the mistake, stating that, in fact, only about 4-5k APT were siphoned.

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