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Previously we made an advisory post on BTC price prediction between 26-28/10/22 and the precautionary measures to take and how to enter your trades.

Well good news for those who followed our guidelines, as they won’t be part of those that longed BTC to $22,500 early enough, as those who did so would probably be victims of their own SL by now.

BTC Price Prediction
An image from our previous post

According to the recent movements of the BTC chart, we could see a lower timeframe downtrend of BTC, which gradually formed a T.L.L.

BTC Price Prediction
T.L.L forming on The BTC Chart

Few hours earlier liquidities were taken as seen in the chart above and soon enough we may also see the $21025 L.Z taken too.

But this may not be soon enough as we expect the following to happen……

More About BTC Price Prediction In The Next 48Hrs

Our analysis predicts BTC coming to the $20290 – $19997 zone, to mitigate a multiple timeframe OB as seen in the image below.

BTC price prediction
$20290 – $19997 Zone

After this happens we expect 2 things to occur

  • Price pump to take the $21025 L.Z and head towards $22000
  • A brief rise to $20553 resistance zone and then price rejection to the $19327 -$19236 Zone.
BTC price prediction
An Image Showing All The POI’s Mentioned Above

Well before you trade we also, urge all traders using this analysis to move to lower timeframes and search for new OB formations when price gets to the above POI’s .

For those who still find it difficult to determine a proper S.L and entry value, join our groups below and message any of our admins.

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By Xavier Pepple

I am Pepple Xavier, A 400 level student in the University of Port Harcourt, studying Mechatronics Engineering. I found passion in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. I'm a technical analyst, fundamental analyst and a crypto blogger ✅

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