Binance CEO, Champeng Zhao
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After supporting Elon’s Twitter purchase with $500 million, the world’s largest crypto exchange said it wants to establish a dedicated unit to aid Twitter upcoming challenges.

The statement from the company, as reported by Bloomberg, informed that one of the key areas where Binance wants to help the most is battling bots.

Fake accounts have been a major challenge for the social media giant, as they promote fraudulent scams, many of which involve cryptocurrencies.

For the record, one of Musk’s reasons for acquring Twitter was to get rid of bots.

However, this nearly ruined the deal at one point since the company failed to provide the precise number of its active users, and Musk wanted to stay clear.

Following the filing of a lawsuit, though, the billionaire changed his mind once more and paid the initially-agreed price a few days ago.

As a result, Twitter’s shares were removed from some of the largest exchanges, given Musk’s promise to make it a private company.

“Binance is creating an internal team to focus on ways that blockchain and crypto could be helpful to Twitter and actively brainstorming plans and strategies that could help Elon Musk realize his vision.” – reads Binance’s statement.

Elon musk success in the purchase of twitter has increased the engagement of  Binance on the social media giant.

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