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A huge number of shit coins have emerged under the symbol “TWIT” following Elon Musk’s latest Twitter bio change related to acquiring Twitter.

While he has one day to go before acquiring Twitter, the world’s richest has changed his bio on the platform to read “Chief Twit.”

As per the bio-change aftermath, several tokens named either “TWIT” or “Chief Twit” were released on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, according to PeckShieldAlert on Twitter.

Some other Shit coins go by the name “Chief Elon Twit,” “CryptoTwitter,” and even “Twitter Inu”

Among these coins,

25% of them appear to be honeypot, and 4 out of them have already dropped more than -98%,” explained PeckShield

Musk is known to have influence in the Crypto community with just a single tweet.

For instance, Dogecoin – his favorite cryptocurrency – has ballooned already because of his Twitter acquisition deal, even compared to other top assets in the market.

The Meme Coin did the same when the CEO announced that he’d accept it for payment.

Meanwhile, Musk’s profile is also commonly used in crypto giveaway scams, like many other top industry influencers.

By Meekness Nnoka

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