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Cybercrime continues to trend in the world at large.

Recently, a phishing scammer with the name – Monkey Drainer – has allegedly stolen 700 ETH worth over $1 million, as per on-chain sleuth ‘ZachXBT.’

The two largest victims – 0x02a and 0x626 – collectively lost $370k after signing transactions on malicious phishing sites operated by Monkey Drainer.

Victim-0x02a, reportedly lost 1 Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection, 1 CloneX, 36,000 USDC, and 12 other non-fungible tokens (NFT) totaling around $150,000.

While Victim- 0x626 held more than $6.2 million worth of crypto but ended up losing only $220k because they rejected the other transaction requests, added ZachXBT.

In the past weeks, Monkey Drainer has managed to scam massive number of users.

According to reports, the total amount stolen in the scam surpasses $3.5 million and is on a rapid increase.

So far, the fraudulent entity has been active for a few months, during which they executed over 7,300 transactions.

“Please be extra diligent before visiting unknown sites, connecting your wallet, and signing transactions.”

ZachXBT how’ve accused popular crypto influencer Lark Davis of shilled low-cap projects such as – SHOPX, BMI, PMON, XED, and APY – before dumping them on ignorant members of the community.

In doing so, he reportedly raked in $1 million.

2022 has been a tough year for the crypto market, but that hasn’t deterred the crypto-focused phishing attacks across social media sites.

By Meekness Nnoka

Blockchain Analyst & Writer with top-notch Technological background. Enjoys reading and writing fascinating crypto contents. 4 years content creating experience.

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