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Before we drop our BTC price prediction, previously we dropped an analysis on BTC breaking the $19628 resistance, well BTC didn’t just break this resistance, it broke hearts as over $1billion worth of shorting positions were liquidated in the last 24hours.

Well those who stuck to our analysis, aren’t part of those with broken hearts.

BTC price prediction
An Image Showing The Success Of Our Last Analysis

BTC has experienced a massive price pump, breaking multiple resistance zones at $19688, $19860 and $20400. This has left many fundamental and technical analyst with unanswered questions.

BTC price prediction
An image showing the breaking of the $19688, $19860 and $20400 resistance zones

More On Our BTC Price Prediction

But there seems to be a present pause in the current price pump as BTC has hit a 45minutes rejection zone.

There are two possible moves from the present 45minutes resistance zone :

  • Price rejection to the $19327 -$19236 Zone.
  • Price pump to the $22,500 OB resistance zone.
BTC price prediction
An image showing the above mentioned zones

Well what we’ll advise every futures trader to do now is wait for a lower timeframe price action, before shorting BTC.

Also for those hoping to long we also advise you wait for a break out above the 45min OB we spotted in the image above before longing BTC to $22,500.

It’s also important to note that we perform our analysis properly, before setting our S.L, in order to avoid been liquidated.

For those who still find it difficult to determine a proper S.L and entry value, join our groups below and message any of our admins.

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By Xavier Pepple

I am Pepple Xavier, A 400 level student in the University of Port Harcourt, studying Mechatronics Engineering. I found passion in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. I'm a technical analyst, fundamental analyst and a crypto blogger ✅

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