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CashApp is now fully compatible with the lightning network to allow for sending and receiving of Bitcoin payments.

The full integration makes Bitcoin more easier to use as a form of payment via a commonly used consumer app.

Formerly, the mobile payment service enabled users to send lightning payments to external lightning wallets (ex. Chivo Wallet, BlueWallet, Muun Wallet, etc) back in February.

But now, users have ability to receive lightning payments from another user.

According to Michael Rihani – Bitcoin Product Lead at CashApp – users can apply the new feature by selecting Money tab > Bitcoin, and then sharing their QR code or link with another party that supports lightning.

“This feature is currently available to Cash App customers in the United States, except residents of New York State,” he said.

Lightning Network

The lightning network is Bitcoin’s primary layer 2 payments network.

It’s designed to enable more scalability of Bitcoin, where transfers that are fast and cheap enough for the asset to function as a feasible medium of exchange.

Rihani clarified that the new upgrade is available to both Android and IOS users.

By Meekness Nnoka

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