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In a comprehensive survey conducted by BlockFi, female generation Z and millennials who are new to investments are choosing to put their money in crypto before anything else. 

On October 24, U.S-based cryptocurrency company -Blockfi- released its latest edition of a crypto survey made to ascertain women’s investment choices and patterns.

The results revealed that one in ten women picked cryptocurrencies as their first investment.

Those results aside, a previous research, the Real Talk: Women x Crypto 2.0 survey, conducted in March of 2022, revealed that 33% of the women who already had invested started their journey with cryptocurrencies.

Among the respondents, 17% are millennials, while 11% are Generation Z or post-millennials.

The goal of the survey is to generate honest and “real” conversations about the cryptocurrency world, its current state, and its future adoption.

10% of Women Hold Crypto

According to the survey, 10% of women have invested in cryptocurrencies.

In contrast, the vast majority (33%) expect to invest in retirement funds as their first entry into the market.

Source: Blockfi
Source: Blockfi

BlockFi’s founder and COO, Flori Marquez, said the report reveals how appealing crypto is to female investors, to the level where even older women have changed their conservationist stance to invest in an asset that has been portrayed as extremely risky and volatile.

“The latest edition of BlockFi’s Women x Crypto survey data reveals that many women are looking to the crypto markets to make their first investment. And while the younger, digitally-native generations are more likely to adopt crypto, Gen X and Baby Boomers are also open to participating. It’s exciting to see crypto adoption across generations.”

She also hopes for an increase in the numbers.

20% of Generation Z Believe Bitcoin Is the Best Long-Term Option

While a major part (41%) of Gen Z women prefer to invest in real estate, 20% indicated their long-term investment interest on Bitcoin, suggesting a “solid long-term outlook for the asset class.”

In addition, 69% of the respondents said they bought cryptocurrencies for long-term holding.

Source: Blockfi
Source: Blockfi

Although the survey demonstrates women’s increasing interest in investing and adopting cryptocurrencies, Marquez highlighted that there is still a lot of “significant disparity between women who feel confident and secure in their investments and those who don’t.”.

Thus, work needs to be done to bridge that gap by creating a crypto friendly community that will encourage more women to enter the ecosystem.

Meanwhile, when the women were asked to choose their favourite cryptocurrencies, majority  chose Bitcoin (71%), Dogecoin (42%), and Ethereum (18%).

By Meekness Nnoka

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