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The Turkish authorities allegedly discovered an illicit betting organization using cryptocurrencies to launder crime funds.

As a follow-up to the investigation, law enforcement agents arrested 46 individuals involved in the scheme and confiscated $40 million worth of cryptocurrencies.

According to a local coverage, the Turkish authorities have detained the suspects across various regions in the country including the capital Ankara, Kayseri, Van, Yozgat, and other locations.

The Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor claimed that the individuals were among the Ankara-based criminal gang that violated Law No. 7258 (the legislation that regulates fair betting on sports games).

According to the accusations, the organization ran an illicit sports betting scheme and sent its proceeds to different cryptocurrency accounts.

Some digital asset addresses belonged to Halil Falyali – a Turkish Cypriot businessman who was supposedly the head of a separate mafia group – murdered earlier this year

The prosecutors revealed that the gang processed nearly $135 million worth of digital currencies.

Turkey’s Minister of Interior – Süleyman Soylu- disclose that the authorities have confiscated around a third of that amount, affirming that “this is just the beginning:”

“This operation came out of Turkish Cyprus and is linked to the murder of Halil Falyali. A transfer of approximately TL 2.5 billion of money occurred. Approximately $40 million of money has been confiscated at the moment.”

The Ministry has also disseminated the files related to the investigation to the authorities of many European nations, hoping this could help to get a safe continent, free from money laundering.

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