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Binance US – the American branch of the world’s largest crypto exchange – has appointed the former FBI agent – BJ Kang – as its first Head of Investigations.

His role as Head of Investigations is to ensure maximum customer protection by “partnering closely” with regulators and law enforcement agents.

According to the recent announcement, BJ Kang will use his top notch experience to identify illicit criminal activities related to cryptocurrencies and strengthen the platform’s security.

The CEO of Binance US – Brian Shroder – described the new Head of Investigations as “one of the most respected and accomplished professionals in federal law enforcement.

He has played a key role in the investigation of some of the highest profile cyber crime cases in the past several years, he added.

“He will be instrumental in strengthening our partnerships with law enforcement agencies and ensuring Binance.US continues to be a leader in developing a safe, secure digital asset marketplace for all Americans.”

The new Head of investigations had received multiple awards for his achievements throughout his career at the Bureau.

Among his success story was the “prep walk” of the American fraudster Bernie Madoff in 2008 led by him, and his participation in the arrest of the Sri Lankan-American Raj Rajaratnam a year later.

Also, the Reuters granted him the nickname “The most feared man on Wall Street.”

Meanwhile, commenting on his new role, BJ Kang commended Binance US as a leading platform that has established a “secure digital asset marketplace.”

He vowed to collaborate with the relevant enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies so the firm could prevent cybercrimes and “enable the crypto ecosystem to continue to grow.”

By Meekness Nnoka

Blockchain Analyst & Writer with top-notch Technological background. Enjoys reading and writing fascinating crypto contents. 4 years content creating experience.

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