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Curtis Warren AKA Britain’s Pablo Escobar – a British drug lord that was was found guilty of smuggling cannabis – is set to be released from prison next month, according to The times.

Although authorities are said to put him back behind bars for five years if he utilizes WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or interacts with cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

Warren has been a terrible figure for the European authorities for the past decades.

In 1996, he was caught by the Dutch police when importing drugs from Colombia to Europe, and was set behind bars for 12 years.

Few weeks after his release, he participated in another massive narcotics distribution in the United Kingdom.

According to reports, British law enforcement agents noticed the crime, and Warren was sent to prison once again – this time for 13 years.

Mitigating future drug deals

To prevent any future drug deals, Warren will be conditioned to have only one mobile phone, one Sim card, and one telephone number.

In terms of money possession, he won’t be able to possess more than $1,000 in cash, while agents will monitor whether he borrows or transfers money.

Also, he is banned from dealings with cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

On second thought

While the authorities’ intentions might be to ban Warren from using Bitcoin, the technology behind the digital asset (Blockchain Technology) was designed to make these attempts impossible.

Bitcoin’s blockchain is an open-source public ledger with no single authority having control over who participates.

With this, even the Government cannot disrupt the use of these blockchain products.

Anyone is able to create a BTC wallet (which is pseudonymous) and freely transact on the network.

However, they can achieve their aims if they could blacklist Warren and prevent cryptocurrency exchanges (Centralised exchanges) from opening an account on his name.

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