Dan Morehead - CNBC
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Pantera Capital Set to Launch $1.25 Billion Blockchain Fund:

Pantera Capital is set to raise $1.25 billion for its second blockchain fund.

Dan Morehead - CNBC
Dan Morehead – CNBC

The company’s boss– Dan Morehead – previously argued that the crypto market had hit its bottom in June and a bull run is likely to arise.

The first cryptocurrency fund of the company was introduced in August 2020, when it raised $165 million.

As per a recent interview, CEO Dan Morehead revealed that Pantera Capital is set to launch a second blockchain fund which will be significantly bigger than the previous one – $1.25 billion, to be completed by May next year.

Morehead affirmed that his company believes in the future of blockchain technology, and that is why it focuses on such investments:

“We want to provide liquidity for people that are kind of giving up because we’re still very bullish for the next 10 or 20 years.”

Despite the stumbling situation of the current crypto market, Morehead is still optimistic.

According to him, the unsatisfying performance of most digital currencies is because they are highly correlated with other risk assets.

However, he expects to see the end of this trend soon, which would lead to a price expansion:

“Unfortunately, crypto pricing has become correlated with risk assets, which I honestly don’t think has to be true. My hope is that soon crypto will decouple from the macro markets.”

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