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Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Sees First Decrease in 2 Months:

The Bitcoin’s mining difficulty has reduced to 31.36 trillion hashes at a block height of 756,000, according to on-chain data.

Despite this, the Bitcoin space is still guarded by the most secure blockchain network.

Looking at data from, the Bitcoin mining difficulty adjustment decreased by approximately 2.3% on September 28th.

The latest decrease is coming two weeks after the mining difficulty figures tapped an all-time high of 32.04 trillion hash after four consecutive increases.

Bitcoin fought to get past the $20,000 mark yesterday, as some scalpers smiled to the green day.

However,  the jump was not felt for long as the crypto asset lost around 6% and was struggling below the psychological support level.

Regardless, Bitcoin mining activity appears to be thriving, as competition among miners continues to amplify.

Bitcoin’s hash rate remained at 220.75 EH/s hovering near its peak of 231 EH/s despite concerns about profitability, according to reports.

This rising hash rate is not far from the increased focus on Bitcoin mining carbon Emissions – causing different efforts to regulate Bitcoin mining.

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