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US Treasury Sanctions Crypto Addresses Linked With Neo-Nazi Russian Group

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US Treasury Sanctions Crypto Addresses Linked With Neo-Nazi Russian Group:

The United States Treasury Department have added five cryptocurrency addresses to its sanctions list.

All added wallets are linked to the Russian neo-Nazi paramilitary group – Task Force Rusich – that has participated in the Ukraine war.

Before that action, the Department sanctioned the Ethereum-based cryptocurrency mixer – Tornado Cash – and (a software link to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea).

The US Treasury Department announced it appointed 22 individuals and two entities who have reportedly supported the Russian government and, more specifically, its military campaign in Ukraine.

“Today’s action is being taken in coordination with those taken by the US Department of Commerce, which is imposing additional export control measures to further align with partners and allies, as well as by the US Department of State, which is targeting Russia’s defense and high-technology industries,” the press release reads.

In the sanction list are five crypto addresses (two Bitcoin, two Ether, and one Tether) tied to Task Force Rusich.

The US Treasury Department described the latter as a “neo-Nazi paramilitary group” that has been fighting Ukraine and has committed atrocities against soldiers.

The finance organisation also added that the group allegedly funds operations using cryptocurrencies.

During the past several days, Ukraine’s army has launched a counter-offensive and has pushed back Russian troops. Their success was noted by the American President – Joe Biden – who couldn’t predict if that would be a war turning point.

Meanwhile, the Treasury Department remains proactive in aiding the Ukrainian efforts and weakening Russia’s military power and financial ties with the rest of the world:

“As Ukraine presses forward with defending its freedom, today we’re taking steps to further degrade Russia’s ability to rebuild its military, hold perpetrators of violence accountable, and further financially isolate Putin.”

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