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Epic Games Store Launches Its First NFT Game: Blankos Block Party

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Epic Games Store Launches Its First NFT Game: Blankos Block Party:

On September 15, a renowned American video game development company -Epic Games- announced the official launch of Blankos Block Party on its Game Store, making it the first NFT game to be released in it’s Marketplace.

Blankos Block Party - Epic Games
Blankos Block Party – Epic Games

The beta version of Blankos Block Party was released in 2020 by Mythical Games and has already gone viral, having more than one million players, according to its developers.

For us here, the most enticing thing about this shooter game is the NFT characters and accessories, which can be traded in the in-game store.

This game can be downloaded for free in the “early access” version until September 28, when the first season of the full game will be released with new visual and other features.

Another amazing feature of this game is that unlike most NFT games, there is no need to connect an external wallet to play, sell or buy NFTs in Blankos Block Party.

You just do all those activities internally, although it also supports Uphold accounts.

According to Epic Games, Blankos Block Party runs on a private blockchain based on EOSIO (now Antelope), so no mining is needed to create or integrate NFTs into the Marketplace.

Blankos Block Party is built on a private, permissioned blockchain based on the EOSIO infrastructure that uses a Proof of Authority consensus model that is more environmentally friendly and sustainable than the Proof of Work model. Minting NFTs and integrating the Marketplace via our platform does not require any mining.


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