Joseph Lubin, ConsenSys CEO - CNN

Ethereum Merge Is Third-Biggest Event in Crypto – ConsenSys CEO

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Ethereum Merge Is Third-Biggest Event in Crypto – ConsenSys CEO:

As we expect the Ethereum Merge to go live in less than 24 hours,  Joseph Lubin, the CEO of blockchain software technology company, ConsenSys, has shared his heart felt opinion, confirming the merge as the third-most significant event in the crypto industry.

Joseph Lubin, ConsenSys CEO - CNN
Joseph Lubin, ConsenSys CEO – CNN

According to him in a recent interview with Bloomberg TV, the first big event was the birth of Bitcoin in 2009, while the second was the creation of Ethereum in 2015.

“In terms of impact, in the history of our ecosystem, there have been two major events so far. The advent of Bitcoin and the development of Ethereum, a much more programmable and expressive blockchain technology. The slot’s in as number three in my opinion,” he said.

Lubin revealed that although everyone thinks the Merge is “probably nothing,” the transition will be “enormously impactful” for the entire crypto industry.

He added that the event will cause no problems to the users or developers since the process is similar to a regular software upgrade that happens automatically.

“…But it’ll also be very likely nothing in the sense that there is no disruption that’s going to be experienced by end users. There’s virtually no disruption that’s being experienced by software developers. It’ll be as smooth as if your iPhone or your laptop has upgraded its operating system automatically overnight,” he said.

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