Jay-Z and Jark dorsey - Variety

Jack Dorsey’s Bitcoin Academy Attendees Receives $1000 Airdrop in BTC

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Jack Dorsey’s Bitcoin Academy Attendees Receives $1000 Airdrop in BTC:

Jack Dorsey and Jay Z’ (Shawn Carter)s Bitcoin education program has come to a close, cryptoforpidgin learnt.

Jay-Z and Jark dorsey - Variety
Jay-Z and Jark dorsey – Variety

This program is the first iteration of the Bitcoin Academy.

After 12 weeks, the initiative ended with a $1000 airdrop in Bitcoin to all participants who opted to receive a grant.

According to Business Insider, the entire program, including the final airdrop, was personally funded by Jay-Z and Jack Dorsey.

Although the number of people who received the airdrop was not clearly revealed, an email from Jay’s mother revealed that the program was attended by over 350 Marcy residents.

“Marcy residents showed up,” she said. “What also matters is providing the necessary resources such as dinner, childcare, devices, internet access, dedicated staff and instructors so that as many people as possible could participate in person and online.”

Early days of June, the Bitcoin Academy was announced as an in-person program for delivering Bitcoin education and resources to the residents of Marcy Houses, New York – where Jay Z grew up.

The program however lasted from June 22nd until September 7th.

At the time, the organizers were transparent about participants receiving various rewards, including free MiFi devices, one-year data plans, smartphones, and free childcare support.

These offers really enticed certain residents to attend.

The Bitcoin airdrop, however, was a last-minute surprise, and an enticing way to close the program.

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