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Queen Elizabeth Memecoins Storms the Crypto Space Hours After Her Passing

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Queen Elizabeth Memecoins Storms the Crypto Space Hours After Her Passing:

Yesterday  (September 8) was a sorrowful one as Queen Elizabeth II passed away at the age of 96, after wearing the British crown for 70 years and 214 days.

Late Queen Elizabeth - Premiumtimes
Late Queen Elizabeth – Premiumtimes

The death of the longest reigning monarch in the UK’s history melted the hearts of everyone  all over the globe, but it also attracted the crypto community.

Hours after her demise, memecoins like “Queen Elizabeth Inu,”Queen Doge,” “God Save The Queen,” “London Bridge Is Down,” “Queen Grow,” “Rip Queen Elizabeth,” “Elizabeth II,” and “Queen Inu II” were launched on some decentralized blockchain ecosystems.

The crypto space has become inventive with creative participants who react rather unusually to any huge event that happens around the world.

The MemeCoins and their Blockchains

Over 40 Queen-themed memecoins  were launched on Ethereum and Binance’s BNB Chain, just after her majesty’s demise.

One of the hottest – “Queen Elizabeth Inu” – has currently increased by 11,400%, while the “God Save the Queen” token was up by 1,500% before its price started plunging in the past few hours.

The NFT space also joined the train to mint an NFT collection called “Queen Elizabeth 69 Years NFT”.

However, we sighted a mistake made by the NFT creators — The deceased monarch reigned for 70 years and not 69.

Meanwhile, so many people threw sadness on the anonymous creators of the memecoins and NFTs.

An NFT enthusiast, known as ThreadGuy on Twitter, argued that anyone who tries to make profits from Queen Elizabeth’s death deserves to go to hell.

Trader “Byzantine General” also disagreed, saying that interactions with such memecoins must be terminated.

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