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Kyber Network Attack Vector Removed, Affected Wallet Fully Compensated

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Kyber Network Attack Vector Removed, Affected Wallet Fully Compensated:

Decentralized exchange (DEX), Kyber Network, has announced that the attack vector responsible for last week’s exploit has been successfully identified and removed.

In its latest blog post, the platform announced to the community that the KyberSwap website and UI were safe and that the attack was neutralized on the same afternoon of being picked up – Roughly 2hours.

According to Reports from Kyber, the attack was launched in two wallets. One of them was fully compensated for all funds. It added,

“The other wallet provided approvals to the malicious script, and successfully revoked his approval before losing any funds. There are no other wallets that are impacted or lost funds as a result of this exploit.”

Kyber is currently dealing with industry partners, top security experts, and law enforcement to identify the hackers and retrieve the stolen funds.

It also affirmed that more comprehensive details on the hack and root causes will be provided later this month.

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