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Hackers hijacks Bill Murray’s Wallet stealing $185K in ETH Intended for Charity

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Hackers hijacks Bill Murray’s Wallet stealing $185K in ETH Intended for Charity:

Renowned American actor and comedian, Bill Murray has fallen prey for hackers, losing $185,000 worth of Ether (ETH) few hours after closing his Non-fungible token (NFT) charity auction.

Bill Murray - BitcoinCom
Bill Murray – BitcoinCom

According to reports from Etherscan and additional information from Murray’s team, the hackers took control and started exploiting  his wallet at around 7:00 p.m. ET on September 1.

The attack came after the completion of Murray’s exclusive NFT auction,  from the “Bill Murray 1000” NFT collection hosted on the Coinbase NFT marketplace earlier this week.

The auction raising about 119.2 ETH, worth over $185,000, Where the proceeds were originally to be donated to a non-profit organisation called Chive Charities, to support the warfare of a three-year-old girl suffering from the effects of a rare CLDN5 gene mutation and intractable epilepsy.

Unfortunately, the hackers consumed nearly all the funds from the wallet.

According to Murray’s team, the attackers also tried to loot NFTs from the actor’s personal stash.

However, the security team from Project Venkman, a consultancy firm in charge of Murray’s wallets, promptly intervened, moving the target Nfts away.

Murray’s wallet held over 800 NFTs in total— Murray’s NFT collection and several other NFTs that he owns, including CryptoPunks, Pudgy Penguin, Cool Cat, and Flower Girls.

However, Project Venkman did justice to the other NFTs.

How the hackers managed to gain access to Murray’s wallet is still unknown, and the criminals are yet to be identified.

Meanwhile, Murray’s team disclosed that a police report has been filed immediately after the attack.

And they are also working with blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis to investigate the hack further, and identify the perpetrators.

Someone gave a replacement

We are in shock as a benefactor has turned-up to replace the exploited funds, donating 120 ETH worth over $187,000 to Chive Charities.

The benefactor was the runner-up bidder in the NFT auction — A Coinbase user with the pseudonym Mishap72.

However, if the stolen funds are recovered, they will also be used for the child’s medical care.

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